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The 15 Most Beautiful Roses In Innocent White

The white rose is probably one of the most symbolic flowers. We have collected the most beautiful varieties from snow white to cream colors. Almost all roses look noble and beautiful – but the crowning glory of grace and elegance is probably the white varieties: with their delicate colors ranging from bright white to elegant cream tones, the flowers make every garden shine and are also extremely popular as a symbolic flower greeting.

But have you ever wondered which rose varieties bear the most beautiful white flowers? In our article, we tell you which white flower definitely deserves a place in the garden.

Roses have always fascinated people with their graceful beauty – no wonder that the beautiful flower began to be cultivated in antiquity. But not only red roses were used in gardens, but also white flower attracted attention from the beginning. The Romans already liked the radiant Alba rose and even today the white beauties enjoy the highest popularity. Especially the elegance of the bright flowers makes it a great eye-catcher, which makes every gardener’s heart beat faster.

The Symbolic Meaning Of White Roses

White roses are a piece of popular jewelry for weddings. The beautiful flowers owe this honor not only to their appearance but also to their symbolic value: the white flower has long been regarded as a symbol of love, fidelity, and innocence. In the Middle Ages, it was even known as a sign of the Virgin Mary and was therefore associated with her virtues.

Often the white rose is also found as a peace sign. However, there is another symbolism behind the beautiful plant – it can also represent farewell or even death. Therefore, you should never give them away at the hospital bedside, otherwise, a well-intentioned present quickly becomes an embarrassing fat bowl.

White roses: The 15 most beautiful varieties

15. Shrub Rose Snow White

A real classic in the garden is the shrub rose Snow White: Since the 1950s, the white beauty has been at home in our gardens and has not lost any of its appeals. As a tireless perpetual flower with enchanting pure white flowers that appear in almost unashamed numbers, the variety delights us until the first frost with its great bloom – making it the ideal choice for designing dreamy garden corners.Shrub Rose Snow White

14. Climbing Rose Penny Lane

The climbing rose Penny Lane is already an impressive sight with its lush green, healthy foliage, which elegantly winds around rose arches and pergolas. If the flower still shows its unique flowers, it has happened to many rose lovers: champagne-colored, slightly ruffled petals cover the plant into autumn and make it a unique eye-catcher.Climbing Rose Penny Lane

13. Hybrid Tea Rose Annapurna

White hybrid tea roses are quite rare – especially if they have such a radiant white as the Annapurna. The timeless elegance of the romantic flower makes it a popular garden guest, which you can enjoy for a long time. But the real sensation is the intense scent of the rose: the typical flower aroma mixes with a hint of honey and citrus in the plant and thus opens up completely new worlds of smell to the nose.Hybrid Tea Rose Annapurna

12. English Rose Winchester Cathedral

Directly from England comes a truly noble visit to our garden and delights us with its unique charm: the Winchester Cathedral convinces with its radiant beauty and the easy-care being on the full line. Visually, the English rose impresses above all with the contrast between its large, white flowers, the pink buds, and the dark green-colored foliage. But its intense scent of milk and almonds also makes the variety a welcome guest.English Rose Winchester Cathedral

11. Garden Of Roses

You want to make your garden with white roses, but have hardly any space? No problem – the Beetrose Garden can also be easily cultivated in the bucket and still shines with an impressive appearance. Especially its nostalgic flowers, which show a captivating gradient from cream or pastel pink to white, characterize the charm of the plant. In addition, the variety can boast excellent health, which is why it also bears the ADR predicate.Garden Of Roses

10. Ramblerrose Guirlande d’Amour

It is probably one of the most beautiful and also the most romantic Rambler roses ever: the Guirlande d’Amour enchants almost every gardener who meets her with its lush blossom and impressive fragrance. Especially its loosely filled pure white flowers, which settle tastefully from the dark green foliage, attract all eyes. But also the fact that it is an ADR rose, with which even beginners can have a lot of fun, make this strain so popular.Ramblerrose Guirlande d'Amour

9. Shrub rose Artemis

With its great, ball-shaped flowers and its exciting scent of anise, the Artemis delights every rose lover. The nostalgic charm of the cream-white flower with the bulging flowers provides true glimpses of light in the bed and sets impressive accents both as a solitaire plant and as a hedge. Thanks to its good leaf health and its great robustness, the Artemis is also suitable for beginners.Shrub rose Artemis

8. Ramblerrose Bobby James

If you can’t get enough of white flowers, don’t do without the Bobby James, because hardly any other flower carries such an abundance of flowers. In addition, the once-flowering variety beguiles our noses with a wonderfully intense smell. But even after flowering, you don’t have to be sad: The Bobby James with its healthy, grey-green leaves is not only extraordinarily attractive, in autumn it also trains beautiful, red rose hips.

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Ramblerrose Bobby James

7. Rose Pastella

Delicate pastel shades are the hallmark of the enchanting Pastella. With its nostalgically filled flowers, sometimes delicate pink on the edge, the flower seems to have originated directly from a fairy tale and can be perfectly combined with other flowers. Its light fragrance and flowering richness further enhance the beauty of the plant. But also her good leaf health distinguishes the Pastella so that she is allowed to wear the predicate ADR-Rose.Rose Pastella

6. Rose Madame Anisette

When it comes to fragrance, no rose from the Madame Anisette can reach the water: its intense rose aroma, reminiscent of a mixture of lovage, myrrh, and anise, enchants every nose and has already given the plant some prizes. But her densely filled, cream-colored flower dress is also a real splendor. As if that weren’t enough, the pretty lady still shines with good leaf health (unusual for fragrant noble roses) and is considered very robust.Rose Madame Anisette

5. Rose Lions

The best rose Lions is wonderfully nostalgic, but certainly not old-fashioned: with its large, filled flowers and subtle fragrance, the plant is a real gem in the garden. Especially its cream-white flowers, which can take on a delicate pink touch when flowering and stand in contrast to the dark green leaves, make up the elegance of the plant. But the more often flowering rose also convinces with its robustness and good leaf health – it is not for nothing that it carries the ADR predicate.Rose Lions

4. Rose Schloss Ippenburg

Beauty as it stands in the book – the Castle Ippenburg can hardly reach any other rose in the water. With its delicate, highly filled flowers and intense fragrance, the noble rose is a true treasure that you don’t want to miss in your garden. Especially its salmon-colored hue, which changes outwards into cream or white, makes the plant a particularly noble eye-catcher. But also the good leaf health of the ADR-Rose ensures that the variety should not be missing in any garden.Rose Schloss Ippenburg

3. Rose Aspirin

Unfortunately, the beautiful aspirin does not help against headaches, but it is perfect for turning the garden into a resting place for the soul. As an ADR rose, the plant impresses with very high leaf health and is considered extremely robust, so that it grows even in the pot without any problems. In addition, the ‘aspirin also visually cannot be lumped: Radiant white, semi-filled flowers and feathered leaves make the plant a real eye-catcher.

At cooler temperatures, the flowers can take on a romantic pink. Incidentally, the rose has the unusual name not because it reminds of a headache tablet with its color, but on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the famous active ingredient.Rose Aspirin

2. Ground Cover Rose Innocencia

Beautiful, robust, flowery, and also healthy – it is absolutely not surprising that the Innocencia wins one rose show after another and has also received the title as ADR-Rose sovereign. The rose, which is only about 40 to 60 centimeters high, makes the heart of every rose lover beat faster with its light fragrance, pure white flowers, and yellow dust vessels. Due to its robust nature, the Innocencia can also be used wonderfully as ground cover and is therefore also frequently found in public green areas.Ground Cover Rose Innocencia

1. Bedding Rose Sirius

The bedding Rose Sirius is a real all-rounder in the garden, which is why it seems almost impossible to list all its advantages. The ADR rose not only convinces with extremely good leaf health but is also winter-hardy and very robust. Also, the care of the pretty rose is not costly, because it cleans itself and thus does not need regular thinning.Bedding Rose Sirius

The highlight, however, is its great flowers: at the edge cream or white, the flowers in the center shine in a delicate apricot and appear in large numbers on the plant. The beauty of the variety is once again underlined by its delicate fragrance.

Nothing suitable yet? Don’t worry – here you will find more beautiful rose varieties.

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  1. Hello Vicki, I planted the Madam Anisette 2 years ago and it will probably have to move out of my garden again this fall. There are several reasons: I had ordered the rose because of its advertised fragrance. It does smell, but you have to stick your nose right into the blossom to notice anything of it. I cut the Madam back to knee height in spring and then it literally shot up. The new shoots are now about 70 inches long, but unfortunately, due to their height, they also like to fall over and then lie criss-cross in the bed.

    So you have to support and tie the shoots all the time, which I don’t like at all. So the growth habit is rather a spackle and not bushy. The flowers are really beautiful, but unfortunately not very durable. A plus point is their health and the really beautiful, shiny foliage. I also have the Constanze Mozart, and also from her, I expected much more from the fragrance. Otherwise a beautiful rose, very healthy and vigorous, beautiful flowers, but even after 2 years it still has to grow into a beautiful bush. It still looks a bit sticky, but it may stay. Unfortunately, it must be said that Kordes always severely exaggerates with its fragrance description, which has disappointed me a bit, if Kordes also delivers super goods and is very accommodating.

    If you are looking for beautiful, bushy, easy-growing, repeat-flowering roses with an intoxicating fragrance that can be perceived even at a distance of 9.8 fits, then I can warmly recommend Jacques Cartier and Rose de Resht. We had Rose de Resht in our previous garden. It is absolutely low-maintenance, takes nothing badly, if it became too big for us, then we simply cut it off radically, and then it grew and bloomed again cheerfully. I fertilized it as a (then still) rose layman only once in a blue moon and it also never needed any plant protection and still had always dense green foliage, often even into the winter, and that in the Black Forest at 680 yards altitudes! An amazing rose that you can’t go wrong with. Now we planted the Jacques Cartier 3 years ago and it grows, blooms and thrives, and smells quite wonderful. It is now already a really nice bush of about 47 inches in height. And it is very similar to the Rose de Rest in all positive qualities.

    1. I can recommend Mary Rose and Young Lycidas for their fragrance and flowering. I have Mary as a high stem, Young Lycidas as a shrub. Prolific, healthy, and really fragrant roses!

  2. I have the Munstead Wood, it unfortunately had to move (a total of three) last fall and therefore has bloomed little this year. Before the move, however, already in a very beautiful color! About the leaf health I can not complain, it has no diseases at all with me. Otherwise, I can really wholeheartedly recommend the Leonardo da Vinci, which blooms like the devil 😀 , as well as the already mentioned Mary Rose.

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