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Red Roses: The 15 Most Romantic Varieties

Red rose is an absolute classic among flowers. We present 15 beautiful red flower varieties that are sure to enchant everyone. Queen of flowers – the Rose bears this name for nothing, after all, hardly any other plant comes close to the majestic beauty and bright color power of the flower.

Especially red roses have always fascinated people and with their elegant charm are a must in any garden. However, the plant is also extremely popular as a bouquet, table decoration, or as a single cut flower because of its symbolic power.

Unfortunately, even experienced gardeners lose track of the countless red varieties. However, to help you find the best red flower for your garden, we have compiled the 15 most beautiful and romantic varieties for you below. General information about flowers can be found here.

The Symbolic Meaning Of Red Roses

Roses are commonly considered a sign of love and affection. However, what many people do not know: Depending on the color, flowers can have quite a different symbolic power. The bright red plant, however, remains the sign of passionate, even unconditional love and is thus a great proof of love, which, however, should not be given away lightly.

However, if it is a deep red, almost black rose, caution is advised – while these flowers basically represent mysticism and adventurousness, they can also be associated with sadness, hatred, or even death.

15. Climbing Rose Flammentanz

Here the name says it all: The climbing rose Flammentanz captivates with its fiery red flowers and its great luminosity so that it attracts all eyes in the garden. At the same time, the rose variety is very frost-hardy and fast-growing – the climbing rose can grow up to 16 ft high in the right location.Climbing Rose Flammentanz

14. Bedding Rose Lavaglut

Especially in bright locations, the roses of the variety Lavaglut live up to their name. With its velvety, dark red blossoms, this fiery beauty immediately fascinates every observer. But it’s not just the great blooms and its extraordinary frost hardiness that make the plant so popular – its strong scent of wildflowers also ensures that the Lavaglut steals the minds of many, so to speak.Bedding Rose Lavaglut

13. Climbing Rose Sympathie

Velvety dark red blossoms, which appear in large numbers on pergolas, rose arches, and facades – this sight alone ensures that we take the climbing rose ‘Sympathie’ straight to our hearts. When its beautiful wildflowers fragrance wafts into our nostrils, the beautiful plant puts a smile on our faces. In addition, the ‘Sympathie’ is extremely weatherproof and thus shows itself to be a real all-rounder.Climbing Rose Sympathie

12. Noble Rose Barkarole

It is one of the top varieties when it comes to the noble rose – and not without reason: Barkarole convinces from the very beginning with velvety, dark red flowers and magnificent dark green foliage. In addition, the variety is considered to be extremely vigorous and, since it is a repeat-flowering variety, shows its full splendor until late autumn.Noble Rose Barkarole

11. Noble Rose Papa Meilland

The strong fragrance of Old Roses mixed with a light hint of peach – this spectacle for the nose is brought to your garden by Papa Meilland. But the eyes will not be disappointed by this fragrant noble rose either: with its elegant, dark red flowers, Papa Meilland is a true master of romance that will fill any bed with its charm. Being one of the more frequently blooming varieties, the flower will pamper your senses from June until September.Noble Rose Papa Meilland

10. Noble Rose Black Madonna

Garden flowers blossom as it is in the book – the Black Madonna is a real eye-catcher. Especially the contrast between its matte velvety red flowers and the glossy dark red foliage makes this flower variety an eye-catcher. But the spiral shape of the petals is also a special feature of the plant and makes it very popular for vase cutting, among other things.Noble Rose Black Madonna

9. Ground Cover Rose Matador

We usually know roses as great solitaires – but in fact, the plant can also be used wonderfully as a ground cover. The flower hybrid Matador demonstrates this: As an uncomplicated, low shrub rose, it is ideal for quickly and easily adding greenery to larger beds. In addition, Matador shines with bright red flower heads, which make the flower a real feast for the eyes even without a solitary position.Ground Cover Rose Matador

8. Noble Rose Black Baccara

Considered one of the darkest roses in the world, the flowers of Black Baccara are colored in such a deep Bordeaux red that they almost look black when backlit. Together with its velvety texture and noble flower shape, Black Baccara has proven to be a unique eye-catcher that makes an impression not only in the border but also as a cut rose.Noble Rose Black Baccara

7. Bedding Rose Austriana

Although the Austriana has unfortunately only simple flowers, it can easily compete with brilliant noble roses in terms of beauty. From June to October, the beautiful bedding plant captivates by bright red flowers that form a great contrast to the yellow stamens. Austrianacm is also very suitable as a ground cover, as it is only 15.7 to 23.6 to 60 in. tall.Bedding Rose Austriana

6. Noble Rose Terracotta

Are you fed up with the same dark or crimson roses? Then you should take a closer look at the variety Terracotta: With its unusual bronze-red flower color, this flower is a real eye-catcher and quickly steals the show from varieties with classic colors. At the same time, the foliage of Terracotta is considered particularly disease-resistant and the flowers last extremely long, which predestines it as a cut flower.Noble Rose Terracotta

5. Climbing Rose Amadeus

Blood red roses remain among the most beautiful garden plants a gardener could wish for. One of the most interesting flower varieties in this color variation is probably the cultivar Amadeus. With its semi-double flowers and dark, highly glossy foliage, this climbing rose will make a splendid addition to any garden. At the same time, it is considered to be particularly robust – neither powdery mildew nor star rot often affects the plant.Climbing Rose Amadeus

4. Shrub Rose Grandhotel

A true classic among shrub roses is the Grandhotel and not without reason. The red perennial convinces again and again with its upright, slightly overbent growth and the bright, densely filled flowers. But Grandhotel is especially popular because of its easy-care nature. Since it is heat-resistant, rainproof, and blessed with good leaf health, the flower is also ideal for amateur gardeners.Shrub Rose Grandhotel

3. Bedding Rose Cherry Girl

Cherry red is actually probably the most appropriate description when it comes to the flower color of Cherry Girl, as the flower shines with its nostalgic hue and lush bloom that catches everyone’s eye. Fortunately, the pretty lady is not only beautiful to look at but also shows other qualities. Thus, in 2007 it received the predicate of ADR rose because of its extraordinary leaf health and is also appreciated by many for its pleasant smell.Bedding Rose Cherry Girl

2. Remontant rose Baron Girod de l’Ain

Baron Girod de l’Ain’ is a very special rose variety: it belongs to the historical remontant flowers and is particularly attractive because of its unique appearance. Not only does the plant have a densely filled flower, but it is also two-colored – while the petals are wrapped in a bright crimson, their edge is a brilliant white. In addition, the rose beguiles with a wonderful fragrance and is considered extremely healthy and persistent.Remontant rose Baron Girod de l'Ain

1. Noble Rose Countess Diana

Those who expect not only elegance but also a beguiling fragrance from a plant will surely be pleased with Countess Diana. The purple, velvety bloom is already a feast for the eyes, but it additionally charms with a beguiling fragrance, especially in the morning and evening. Nevertheless, there is no need to expect diva-like behavior from the rose: Countess Diana is considered insensitive to weather and has been awarded ADR flower for its robust health.Noble Rose Countess Diana

Still haven’t found the right flower for your garden? Don’t worry: Here we have an even larger selection of rose varieties for you.

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