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Purple Roses: The 5 Most Beautiful Varieties From Lilac To Purple

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With purple roses express a special admiration. We present the five most beautiful varieties in unusual shades of purple and lilac. You want a real eye-catcher in the garden, which will attract all eyes with its exotic beauty? Then you should look for a purple flower. Although there is now an almost incredible selection of different varieties of roses, the purple representatives of this plant are still quite rare to find.

The unusual roses are in no way inferior to their classic sisters – quite the opposite: with their color spectrum ranging from a soft lilac tone to a mystical blue-violet, the magnificent flower is among the absolute gems in the garden and often reap envious glances. Find out here which varieties are particularly enchanting and why you should only give purple roses as gifts with caution.

5. Indigoletta

Dark, leathery leaves and lilac-colored blossoms – the Indigoletta is a real feast for the eyes when it shows its magnificent flowers in June. The lilac-colored rose is a real enrichment for every garden, especially due to its long-lasting abundance of blossoms until deep into autumn, and its intensive fragrance invites you to dream. The plant is also characterized by its vigorous growth and healthy foliage.Indigoletta flower

4. Rhapsody in Blue

With its unusual blue-purple flower colors, the Rhapsody in Blue attracts all eyes – no wonder, after all, it is currently considered the “bluest” rose ever. Its appeal is further enhanced by the white center, which further emphasizes the impressive flower coloration. Also its light fragrance and the fact that it tolerates both heat and rain ensure that the Rhapsody in Blue is an asset to any bed.Rhapsody in Blue

3. Blue Moon

Blue Moon boasts a truly unique flower coloration: A light shade of lilac that appears almost silvery provides the distinctive look of this pretty rose. Together with its light green foliage, the plant presents itself as a truly noble eye-catcher that knows how to skilfully set the scene. But the Blue Moon not only looks good but also convinces with a pleasant smell and good health. If you are thinking of purchasing Blue Moon, however, you should keep your eyes open – often the rose is also offered under the name moon rose

2. Violet Blue

Once a year, the rambler rose Violet Blue enchants the garden with its great flowers and pleasant light fragrance. At this time of year, the rose is a real feast for the eyes: its outer leaves appear in deep purple, while its eye is either brilliant white or a delicate shade of lilac. But its imposing height of up to five meters also makes Violet Blue the undisputed star in the garden. But the enchanting flower scores not only visually, but also a vigorous growth and its robust nature distinguish the rose. In addition, the variety is almost thornless, which makes it suitable for gardens with children.violet blue rose

1. Novalis

Purple roses are already a rarity – if they additionally shine with good leaf health, they are real rarities. The bedding rose Novalis, also available under the name Poseidon, fortunately, combines lavender-colored flowers and extraordinary robustness, so that it deservedly carries the ADR predicate. With its slender, tall growth and dark green foliage, Novalis also captivates with its elegance, which is further emphasized by its striking double flowers and light fragrance.

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Novalis roses flower

The symbolic Meaning Of Purple Roses

Purple roses are quite rare not only in the garden but also as a bouquet. Perhaps this also provides for their unique meaning: the flowers still exaggerate the statement of a red rose and stand for great admiration, love at first sight, and for the fact that one is downright enchanted by his counterpart. Thus, purple flowers are considered a special proof of love, which should not be given away lightly. Besides their romantic meaning, purple roses can also stand for balance and regeneration.

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