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English Roses: The 15 Most Popular And Beautiful Varieties

English roses provide a nostalgic charm in the garden. We present 15 of the most beautiful classic varieties. English roses with their unusual names are probably among the royal class of roses. In 1961, the English rose breeder David Austin succeeded in breeding the first flower, which combined the characteristics of Old Roses and modern varieties. Since then, new beautiful varieties from Austin have been presented every year.

The study of these old flower varieties can quickly become a real hobby if you can trace the pedigrees of each variety back to its beginnings. Therefore, in this article, we have summarized for you the most important information about the flower of David Austin.

What makes English roses different from other classes of flowers, we explain below. Read in our article.

English Roses: Origin And Properties

English roses are breeding crosses of various old varieties of flowers, modern tea hybrids, and floribunda roses. The British David C. H. Austin, who died in 2018, bred the famous English Roses starting in the 1960s. In doing so, he wanted to combine the qualities of beautiful, fragrant Old Roses with those of modern tea hybrids and floribunda flower, which are known for their can to be reassembled ability (second bloom in late summer) and wide range of colors.

He was inspired by a book on old roses by the British gardener George Bunyard and by the breeder James Baker, who was a friend of his father. His first great breeding success came in 1961 with the variety ‘Constance Spry’, but unfortunately the ability to can be reassembled was not passed on and so it bloomed only once. Austin only achieved worldwide fame 20 years later with the varieties ‘Graham Thomas’ and ‘Mary Rose’.gruss an achen rose

The cupped or rosette-shaped flowers of English Roses are very similar to those of Old Roses. They are composed of numerous small petals and exude a delicate fragrance. English varieties of flowers are also characterized by a natural shrubby habit with beautiful, bushy foliage. Low varieties are wonderful as bedding roses, but climbing roses can reach heights of up to 175 inches. By the way, due to its characteristics, Austin also counted the variety ‘Gruß an Aachen’ by the German breeder Philipp Geduldig among the English Roses.

The Most Beautiful Varieties of English Roses

There are more than 30,000 different flower varieties worldwide. It is sometimes not so easy to keep track of them all. For your inspiration, we would like to present a small selection of the most beautiful varieties of English Roses below.

Abraham Darby

Double, cupped blooms in apricot to yellow-orange; blooms more often; fruity fragrance with a tart base note; shrubby growth with overhanging shoots; reaches heights of up to 78 in; medium foliage health; easy to care for and hardy.Abraham Darby english rose

A Shropshire Lad

Double, cupped peach-pink flowers; repeat bloomers; aromatic, fruity tea rose fragrance; upright, bushy, climbing habit; very vigorous; grows up to 98 in tall; nearly thornless; good foliage health; hardy; suitable for flower arches and pergolas.A Shropshire Lad rose

Benjamin Britten

Named after the English composer; double flowers in salmon pink to red; blooms more often; strong, fruity fragrance; dense, vigorous bushy growth; grows to about 47 to 59 in. tall; good foliage health; rain-resistant and heat-tolerant; hardly any care required.Benjamin Britten rose

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Double, lilac-pink flowers that later turn lilac; blooms more often; pleasant fragrance; bushy habit; grows to about 39 to 59 in. tall; good foliage health; suitable for partial shade; hardy; also ideal for container planting.Charles Rennie Mackintosh rose

Constance Spry

Double, cup-shaped flowers in pink with a light edge; single flowering; the strong fragrance of myrrh; vigorous, upright, bushy growth (up to 110 in. tall); low leaf health; hardy; suitable as a hedge plant.Constance Spry rose


Also known as ‘Crocus Rose’; rosette-shaped, apricot-colored flowers with a creamy white edge; flowers more often; the light fragrance of tea roses; bushy, compact growth; reaches heights of up to 55 in; excellent foliage health.emanuel rose


Medium-sized, double apricot flowers; repeat bloomers; intense fragrance; upright, bushy habit; grows to about 31 to 39 in. tall; high foliage health; rain-resistant flowers; low maintenance; winter protection recommended.grace english rose

Graham Thomas

Double, cupped flowers of strong yellow; repeat bloomers; intense tea rose fragrance; vigorous, upright, bushy habit; reaches heights of up to 78 in; medium foliage health; heat tolerant and hardy.Graham Thomas rose


Double, light pink flowers; repeat-blooming; intense fragrance with hints of lemon and honey; well-branched, upright, bushy habit; reaches heights of up to 59 in; medium foliage health; easy to care for; rain-resistant flowers; hardy.Heritage rose

Jubilee Celebration

Shrub rose with double salmon-pink flowers; repeat bloomers; fruity fragrance with a delicate undertone of raspberry and lemon; well-branched, upright habit; reaches heights of up to 59 in; good foliage health; winter protection advisable.Jubi Celebration rose

Mary Rose

Double, medium-sized flowers in pink from May to September; the fragrance of old roses, almonds, and honey; shrubby habit; reaches heights of up to 59 in; heat- and rain-resistant; low-maintenance cultivar.Mary Rose bush


Medium-sized, densely double flowers in rich yellow; blooms more often; intense fragrance; upright, bushy, uniform growth; grows to about 23 to 31 in. tall; robust variety with good health; suitable for individual and grouping.Molineux rose

Sharifa Asma

English rose with oriental flair; double, pale pink flowers with light, whitish edges; flowers more often; the fruity scent of grapes and mulberries; low, upright growth; grows to about 31 to 39 in. tall; good foliage health; easy to care for and hardy.Sharifa Asma rose

Teasing Georgia

Named after the wife of German presenter Ulrich Meyer; double, dark yellow flowers with light edges; blooms more often; pleasant tea rose fragrance; vigorous, broad-brush habit; grow 39 to 59 in. tall; easy to care for and hardy.Georgia rose

The Pilgrim

Densely double, yellow flowers in the center, white on the outside; flowers more often; light fragrance with a hint of myrrh; compact, bushy growth; can reach a height of up to 137 in. with a climbing frame; medium foliage health; hardy; also suitable for containers.piligrim rose

If you now have a taste for roses and want to plant more flowers in your garden, here is a review article with the most beautiful varieties of bedding and climbing roses.

Tip: Roses need enough nutrients to bloom beautifully. That is why we recommend using an organic fertilizer with a three-month effect, which contains all the necessary nutrients.

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