Sunflowers In Vase: Cut Off And Put In Hot Water

Sunflowers in the vase are a real summer greeting. So that the cut flowers last as long as possible, we have a few tips and tricks ready for you.

Sunflowers ( Helianthus ) can not only be a delight for the eye in the garden. If you want to bring the summer sun to your breakfast table, you can grab a pair of secateurs and fill your favorite vase with the golden yellow flowers. If a few simple things are observed when cutting, you can even extend the life of sunflowers in the vase. The sun (almost) never sets again for you.

Cut sunflowers for the vase

If you cater a little to the needs of the sunny plants when you cut them, the flowers will delight you in the vase for up to two weeks. Even when choosing when to cut, you can influence the later shelf life in the vase. The best time to cut is early morning on a dry day. Pick a flower that has just started opening. Flowers that are already fully open will not last long in the vase. Cut the stem of the sunflower to the desired height. However, only use clean, sharp tools for the cut. Then remove the lower sheets. The vase with the freshly cut flower is best placed in a place that is protected from drafts and blazing sun.

Sunflowers in the vase: cut off & put in hot water

Cut sunflowers properly

With a bit of skill in the cut, you can enjoy the sun children a little longer in the vase. Because a skillful cut not only improves the water and nutrient absorption but also reduces the risk of rot. Use sharp scissors to cut the stem at an angle and about two centimeters. In this way, the cut surface is enlarged and water and oxygen can be better absorbed. For maximum durability in the vase, the vertical incision is then repeated every two days.

Sunflowers in the vase: cut off & put in hot water

Put sunflowers in hot water

One often hears that the stems should be briefly immersed in hot water before they serve their decorative purpose in the vase. This is to prevent the development of rot by desolating the cut surface and thus closing it off. However, opinions differ on this tip. Researchers from Geisenheim have even found that the hot bath shortens the shelf life of the flowers. We encourage you to try both and form your own judgment. It is important, however, that the stems are really only held in the hot water for a few seconds.

Sunflowers in the vase: change the water

Change the water in the vase every day. This means that there are no unpleasant smells even without fresh flowers. Always use lukewarm water when changing the water – sun worshipers don’t like cold water at all.

Sunflowers in the vase: cut off & put in hot water

Sunflowers are not only found in fields by the roadside – you can also grow beautiful flowers in pots.

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