Growing Sunflowers In Pots

Growing Sunflowers In Pots: Tips For A Long Bloom

Sunflowers in pots should bloom as long as possible. But they only do this under optimal conditions and the right sunflower care. Sunflowers ( Helianthus ) with their large flowers let the summer sunrise even on cloudy days. You don’t even need your own garden to enjoy the always friendly sun children. Because smaller sunflower species offer the possibility of cultivating the ray men from North America in pots. However, a sunflower in a pot needs a lot of care to thrive and to keep you in a good mood for as long as possible with its flowers.

Buying sunflowers in pots: this is important to note

When buying a sunflower, the most important thing is to look for the right variety. When growing in pots, it is, therefore, advisable to buy a variety that remains small. A meter-high giant does not feel comfortable in a pot and does not fit into the tallest apartment in an old building. If the sunflowers bought in pots are to be planted in the garden, the choice of a winter-hardy variety is recommended. Here you will find suitable sunflower species and varieties for pot culture or the garden. Otherwise, pay attention to the appearance of the plant with every purchase.

If possible, take a close look at the sunflowers before buying. Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Are the leaves of the plant yellowish or brown?
  • Are the roots in the water or is the substrate completely dried out?
  • Are all the buds of the plant in full bloom?
  • Are there any pests on the plant?

If you can answer all questions with no, you should confidently put the sunflower in the shopping cart.

When growing in pots, it is advisable to buy a variety that remains small

Sunflowers in a pot: the right location

Sunflowers also need their beloved sun in pots as houseplants. If you separate the vegetable-astronomical team, the sunflower quickly dies. Therefore, you should reserve a bright and sunny window sill seat for her without shade. It also tolerates blazing sun very well. However, do not let the plant hit the heated window glass at noon.

The sunflower needs a sunny location

Properly water and fertilize sunflowers in the pot

Originally, giving a sunflower as a gift meant that the person receiving the gift was too demanding for you. The sunflower owes this importance to its immense consumption of water and nutrients. It is best to water daily – the soil in the pot must never dry out. To prevent waterlogging, it is best to layout a drainage layer when planting the sunflower and uses a pot with a drainage hole.

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In the growth phase, fertilization is carried out with a nitrogenous fertilizer or compost. Do something good for your soil and the environment by using a primarily organic nitrogenous fertilizer such as our Plantura organic flower fertilizer. In combination with the strong roots, the soil life is improved and the soil loosened for subsequent plants. Perennial varieties are no longer fertilized from September.

The flower head can be removed to dry

Sunflowers in a pot: cut dead blossoms?

Withdrawn flower heads do not have to be removed as they still ripen on the plant. If you want to dry the flower head somewhere else, this should be removed before the flower has fully opened.

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