Phlox Plants: Everything At The Time, Location And Procedure

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In order for the flame flower to bloom properly, it needs the right location. You can find out what else you should consider when planting phlox here. Having the phlox in your own garden is a real pleasure. The vigorous plants cause little work and still offer a wonderful sight.

Plant phlox

Do you want to establish the Himmelsleitergewächs in your garden too? Once you have decided on a nice variety, let’s get down to work. Flame flowers are perennial plants that you can enjoy for years to come. It does not matter whether you have opted for the rather small upholstered phlox ( Phlox douglasii ) or the towering tall herbaceous phlox ( Phlox paniculata ). We have summarized the most important things about growing phlox for you below.

Planting phlox: the right time

The plants are usually offered in pots at markets, in stores, or online. Planting out is therefore possible throughout the summer. However, choose the time so that the phlox can get used to its new location before winter sets in because getting used to this always means stress for the plant.

Annual phlox species such as the summer phlox ( Phlox drummondii ) should of course be planted in spring. Since these species cannot tolerate frost, it is advisable to plant them only after the ice holies, which are in the period from May 11th to 15th. After that, there is a high probability that no more forest can be expected.

In combination with other perennials, the flame flower unfolds its full effect 

Planting Phlox: The Perfect Location

The location requirements of the phlox differ a little depending on the species. Many phlox species such as the tall herbaceous phlox, the carpet phlox ( Phlox subulata ), or the cushion phlox like a bright and sunny location. While the tall perennial phlox thrives on deep and moist, but still permeable soils, upholstery and carpet phlox prefer a sandy or stony subsoil. Some species such as the wandering phlox ( Phlox stolonifera ) or the forest phlox ( Phlox divaricate ) can also cope with shady conditions. However, phlox is often susceptible to powdery mildew ( Erysiphe cichoracearum ), which is why you should choose an airy location. This way, moisture can always dry off well.

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Planting phlox: instructions

Do not plant a phlox directly after a previous phlox. It is better to keep a cultivation interval of about seven years so that nematodes and powdery mildew are deprived of their nutritional basis. This has the advantage that pests can no longer multiply and are significantly reduced. So that the plants can dry off well and do not hinder each other as they grow, you should also plan a planting distance of at least 20 centimeters, depending on the species. Up to five plants of the high perennial phlox on one square meter develop into strong specimens.

Small phlox species such as the cushion phlox are ideal as ground cover between taller perennials
Before planting, mix the soil well with compost to get the phlox off to a good start. So you hardly have to fertilize later and the phlox is well taken care of. Put the plant in a hole deep enough so that the root ball fits in and you can put some soil over it. Water after pressing – and the phlox is planted.

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Tip: Many phlox species are quite thirsty, but require a sunny location. To prevent drought, you can apply a layer of bark mulch after planting to prevent drought.

Summary planting phlox:

  • Adhere to the cultivation break
  • Plant spacing of at least 20 cm
  • Mix the soil with fresh compost or slow-release fertilizer before planting
  • Put a layer of mulch around the plant to keep the soil moist

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Caring for phlox after planting

The first time after planting, the phlox needs a little more water every now and then until its roots have penetrated deeper soil layers. Apart from that, however, the plant hardly needs any maintenance.

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