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Green Grape Tomato: The Green Cherry Tomato In Portrait

The green grape tomato is characterized by its small, sweet fruits. Here we show you which special features you should consider when planting and caring for the green cherry tomato. The ‘Green Grape’ is one of the few cherry tomatoes that are ripe green and is increasingly winning the hearts of tomato lovers with its delicious taste. We’ll introduce you to the special variety, give you tips on cultivation and show you how to tell when the fruit is ripe.

Green Grape: Wanted poster

Synonyms ‘Raisin Vert’
fruit Cherry tomato; green to amber
taste fruity, sweet
Ripening time medium early
growth Stake tomato, up to 160 cm
Location Greenhouse, protected field, pot

Origin and history of the tomato

The tomato variety ‘Green Grape’ comes from the breeding work of the American Tom Wagner from Washington, who also selected the famous ‘Green Zebra’ and many other green tomato varieties. It was launched in 1978 and is also known by the synonym ‘Raisin Vert’. ‘Green Grape’ was created by crossing several varieties, including the green beefsteak tomato ‘Evergreen’.

Green Grape: taste & properties

‘Green Grape’ is a cherry tomato that reaches a height of around 160 centimeters. The round fruits hang on long panicles, and when ripe they get a golden yellow coating. They reach an average weight of 30 grams. The harvest time for the green cherry tomato begins at the end of July, making it one of the mid-early varieties. The taste of the ‘Green Grape’ is extremely fruity and sweet, without any noticeable acidity. You can often harvest until the end of the season and the first frost. It is a seed-proof variety and so you can easily extract seeds from the tomatoes yourself and sow them again the next year.

The fruits of the Green Grape tomato

Plant and care for green grape tomatoes properly

‘Green Grape’ is a disease-tolerant cherry tomato that still produces fruit reliably even in cooler temperatures. The variety is not particularly demanding, it is suitable for cultivation in the greenhouse and protected open field, but also like a balcony tomato in a pot. Like all tomatoes, it prefers a warm, sunny spot. From mid-May, the young plants of the ‘Green Grape’ are allowed to migrate outdoors.

Although it is more burst resistant than the similar variety ‘Green Doctors’, it wears better under a rain cover and stays healthy longer. For planting in a pot, fill a sufficiently large planter with tomato soil. The climate-neutral and the peat-free substrate is specially pre-fertilized and is therefore ideal for tomatoes and other nutrient-hungry vegetables. The ‘Green Grape’ can be planted deeper in the earth, the lowest leaves are removed here. After planting, lightly press the soil around the tomato and water extensively.

As a cherry tomato, the ‘Green Grape’ also bears a lot of fruit on the side shoots. It can be grown with three to five shots. So it grows more in width than in height and brings a good yield. The pruning of the other side shoots must be repeated regularly. The ‘Green Grape’ always needs support, sticks made of wood or metal are suitable here, but also cords. The green cherry tomato should be fertilized regularly from mid-June, as tomatoes are one of the most nutrient-hungry vegetables. The many emerald green fruits require all sorts of minerals and nutrients to supply them.

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Harvest and use tomatoes of the ‘Green Grape’ variety

You can tell that the fruits of the ‘Green Grape’ are ripe by their ocher-yellow to amber color. In addition, the fruit becomes soft, which can be easily noticed with light finger pressure. ‘Green Grape’ is a real snack tomato, it tastes so sweet. It is, therefore, best suited for fresh consumption directly from hand to mouth. Cherry tomatoes can also be cut in half and dried very well.

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