If you want to admire peonies in a vase, you have to consider a few things

How To Cutting Peonies In The Vase?

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Peonies from your own garden also make the gardener’s heart beat faster in the vase. We show what to watch out for with peonies in the vase. The idea is interesting and the implementation is simple: Why shouldn’t you bring the peonies (Paeonia ) flowers into your own house to enjoy them just as much as in the garden? In this article, we explain how the demands of the peony change as a cut flower in the vase.

Peonies for the vase

The time window for a rustic peony in a vase can be very tight. After one day, the flower will spring from the bud and after another three days, the fallen petals will wet the table. The lactiflora peonies and some modern hybrids, on the other hand, shine with their shelf life of 10 to 14 days. Popular cut varieties are also various Paeonia lactiflora varieties such as’ Lady Alexandra Duff ‘with its half-double to double, white-pale pink flower,’ Sarah Bernardt ‘with a double, bright pink flower,’ Karl Rosenfield ‘with a double crimson-red flower,’ Madame Claude Tain ‘with a double pure white flower and’ Jan van Leeuwen ‘with an open white flower with a golden wreath of filaments in the Japanese style.

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When to cut peonies for the vase?

The peonies should grow for three to four years before the stems are cut for the vase. At this point, too, only two to three stems should be removed and no more than a third of the shoots should be cut off. The reason is that peonies need their foliage for nutrition. The flower buds determine the exact time to cut the stems. If these are still closed and green, they are better left alone. Cutting them off at this stage can prevent the buds from opening in the first place. As soon as the buds have a strong color and begin to open, the promising harvest can begin and the peonies can be cut off for the vase.

When the closed buds are colored and about to open, the best time to cut them off is

How deep to cut peonies for the vase?

Peonies are placed in the vase with a stem about 20 cm long. The vases should not be too shallow, as very short stems increase the risk that the flowers will unfortunately not start to bloom at all. It is also advisable to leave two to three leaves on the stem in addition to the flower bud so that the photosynthesis of the plant can still function and the nutrient uptake from the vase fertilizer can take place.

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Skilfully cut into peonies

Any cutting work on the peony should be done at an angle and with a sharp knife or scissors. If frayed tissue can be seen on the cut – which happens with a blunt knife – it should be cut cleanly again shortly afterward. The cut surfaces of the stems should be as large and sloping as possible so that the peonies can absorb enough water.

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Peonies in the vase: care for and change the water

The peony’s stems are very sensitive to pressure, so it is best not to tie them. Long stems in a shallow vase may kink and wilt from the weight of the flower. Therefore, the slightly higher vase is placed in a bright place that experiences little draft. The reason for this is that the wind swirls the plant’s transpiration moisture faster and carries it away, and in this case the peony uses more water to generate new, cooling transpiration moisture. In addition, peonies are very thirsty, so the water level should be checked and changed at least every other day. Regularly changing the water generally serves to prevent too many bacteria from building up in the water, which can impair the water absorption of the stems.

The water level must be checked every other day

Tip: In order for your peonies to bloom beautifully, the right substrate is crucial. We recommend peat-free organic potting soil, which optimally provides your plants with a lush bloom.

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