Buy Efeutute: Guides & Recommended sources of supply

So that you can enjoy your green roommate for a long time, you should look twice when buying. We show what is important when buying an efeutute.

Buy Efeutute: Guides & Recommended sources of supply

So that you can enjoy your efeutute for a long time, the purchase is crucial [Photo: sharohyip /]

The efeutute ( Epipremnum ) is also called the golden tendril or golden efeutute because of its colorful leaves. It is ideal even for people without green fingers, as it is extremely robust and easy to care for. So if you haven't got any efeutute at home yet, it's high time you got one. So that nothing goes wrong when buying, you will find out in this article what to look for when buying Efeutute and where you can best buy your houseplant.

Buy Efeutute

Even if the Efeutute is considered indestructible and easy to care for, you should not unsuspectingly take every offered plant when buying, because you will not enjoy a plant of inferior quality for long. It is all the more important to know what to look for when buying and what are the signs of a healthy and fit plant. In the following we will tell you how to make the right decision when buying.

You should pay attention to this when buying an efeutute

The first thing you are likely to look at when purchasing your houseplant is what it looks like. And the appearance of the efeutute is largely determined by the species and variety. There are, for example, single-colored, dotted or striped efeututen. The most popular efeutute species for indoor plants are the golden efeutute ( Epipremnum aureum ) and the spotted efeutute ( Epipremnum pinnatum ). Both types can have multi-colored leaves with white, silvery, or yellowish patterns. There are a total of 15 different Efeutute species and of course many more varieties. You can read more about suitable Efeutute varieties here.

Buy Efeutute: Guides & Recommended sources of supply

When buying one should pay attention to a vital and healthy impression [Photo: Piyawan Tantibankul /]

The next step in purchasing is to make sure the plant is in good condition. Should the Efeutute lose leaves, wilt or show discoloration on the leaves in the store, then you should keep looking. A putrid smell on the pot can indicate waterlogging and moldy roots. Again, buying is not recommended.

Summary of signs of a healthy efeutute:

  • Vital and healthy impression
  • Plant does not lose leaves
  • No stains or discoloration on the leaves
  • No putrid smell

You should also make sure that the plant is not attacked by pests. Efeututen are sometimes victims of spider mites ( Tetranychidae ). You can recognize such an infestation by the leaves of the plant that are discolored or blotchy yellow.

Buy Efeutute: Recommended sources of supply

Efeututen are very popular houseplants and are therefore quite easy to find. You will definitely find what you are looking for in hardware stores and garden centers. You might also be lucky enough to come across the plant in furniture stores. Another option is to order your houseplant online. In the following we have put together a selection of recommended sources of supply for you:

Palmenmann: This online retailer has been selling Mediterranean and tropical plants since 2014. In his online shop you will also find a large selection of Efeututen.

Dehner: At Europe's largest garden center group, you will find everything from garden furniture and barbecue accessories to a wide variety of plants for the house and garden. The range also includes some efeututen.

123 Indoor Plants: This dealer specializes in the sale of indoor plants. In addition to a selection of efeututes, you will also find tips on planting and caring for indoor plants.

Once you have bought the efeutute and moved it into your room, you should know how to properly care for your houseplant. We have put together everything you need to know about the correct care of your efeutute for you.

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