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Expert Tips On Watering Orchids

Orchids do not need much water, but the better dosed should therefore be watered. This makes watering orchids real art. Orchidaceae are becoming increasingly popular in the USA and can now be found in almost every household.

Anyone who has had an orchid for a long period of time knows: the decisive factor for plant health is, first and foremost, proper watering. We show how often and in what way you should water your orchid so that it continues to bloom vigorously and live for a long time.

Watering orchids properly: How often?

Orchids are among the most demanding houseplants, usually growing epiphytically (perching plant). Due to this botanical peculiarity, they are equipped with so-called aerial roots and do not have a high water requirement, since they do not sit directly in the ground. Therefore, when caring for orchids, it is always better to water less than more.

Depending on the watering method, watering once a week is sufficient. If it is very hot in the summer, watering twice a week is also allowed. In addition, it is a good idea to spray the plant with a spray bottle from time to time. Orchids in stores are mainly species of tropical origin and are happy with high humidity.

Small tip: As a pot for the orchid is always a transparent planter. In this way, you can quickly check whether too much watering was done, as root rot can occur in a shorter time. In this case, directly remove the affected part at the root.watering and care orchid

Watering orchids or dipping them?

When watering orchids, it has proven useful not to water the plant directly, but to water it by immersing it in a water bath. In this way, you avoid waterlogging, which leads to rot in the immediate future. When dipping the orchid, be sure to use only soft water with little lime.

For this purpose, for example, simple rainwater is suitable. To immerse the plant properly, you can either remove the orchid from the pot and immerse it in a water bath for a few minutes or, if there are enough holes, simply immerse it together with the pot. Just always make sure to pour off all the water afterward.

Watering orchids and fertilizing at the same time?

Since orchid fertilizer is usually available in liquid form, it makes sense to combine watering and fertilizing orchids. This saves you the extra step.

You can easily add the fertilizer to the watering water when dipping the roots every week so that the plant can absorb all the nutrients directly. Be sure to pay attention to the dosage recommendation, as some fertilizers may only be applied bi-weekly and therefore the amount of fertilizer should be halved. For more information on fertilizing orchids, click here.

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