flowers that mean goodbye

Flowers That Mean Goodbye

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Flowers have long held deep symbolic meanings in various cultures and traditions. They can convey emotions, thoughts, and sentiments when words fall short.

Among the vast array of floral expressions, particular blooms symbolize farewell and serve as a poignant way to mourn the departure of a loved one.

These flowers, often chosen as funeral flowers, embody the essence of bidding goodbye and expressing heartfelt condolences.

In this article, we will explore some of the best choices for funeral flowers, discussing their symbolism and the profound emotions they evoke during loss and remembrance.

Top Flowers That Means Goodbye

1. Lily Flower

People now connect the sweet smell of lilies, especially the bright white ones like calla, stargazer, and oriental lilies, with funeral homes.

The lily represents purity and innocence. Its trumpet-shaped flowers are frequently associated with the Virgin Mary, so it has come to mean spiritual awakening.

Lilies are often used as funeral flowers because of their beauty and soft colors, but their strong smell is a more practical reason.

Flowers with good fragrance have been used for centuries to cover up the smell of decomposed flesh, especially before modern embalming methods were not as advanced.

For example, at Andrew Jackson’s delayed funeral in 1845, a pile of flowers was used to cover up the smell of his body. Giant, fragrant lilies are great for this job.

But lilies are not just a symbol of death alone. They can also mean purity, rebirth, and style.

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2. Rose

Roses are probably the most popular flower for ceremonies and especially for funerals. Most people know what they mean.

When most people think of flowers, they are one of the first things that come to mind. People often use them as a sign of love, but they can also be used to mourn the death of a loved one.

They often symbolize rebirth, grief, sadness, or a new start in love.

Giving someone a rose is a sign of love. Wreaths for funerals are often made of white roses. Like flowers, their color also changes what it means. Most of the time, white, pink, and red roses are used at funerals and farewells.

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Black Rose

Even though the black rose is not a natural species, it is often used to symbolize things like death and ends. Sometimes, it can also be used to say goodbye with despair or sadness.

But, like many dark-colored flowers, it can also mean rebirth and a fresh start. This can be especially true when a relationship is troubled or when a clean break is needed for growth and moving on.

Red Roses

This is the most common, it expresses true love, so they are often used in bouquets or other flowers for funeral arrangements.

They can be used to show passionate love or love between a couple, but the person who uses them doesn’t have to be the dead person’s partner.

They also show respect and admiration.

3. Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is one of the most famous flowers in the world, and people have given it a lot of different meanings and symbols.

The chrysanthemum is often seen as a sign of long life and vitality in China. In Japan, on the other hand, it symbolizes the autumn season and the fact that life is constantly changing.

In Europe, people often see the chrysanthemum as a symbol of death and being reborn.

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4. Hydrangea

Arrangements with these flowers are often given to people leaving or moving away. They are connected to heartfelt feelings and farewells, which makes them a meaningful way to part ways with someone you care about.

Hydrangeas are a popular choice for funerals or a beautiful way to mourn a friend. They are often used to show gratitude, heartfelt feeling, and the sadness of saying goodbye.

Hydrangeas are often used as goodbye flowers because they remind people of how the seasons change. Hydrangeas are known for their ability to change color based on the soil’s pH level where they grow.

Because of its ability to adapt and change, the flower has come to represent the passing of time, the changing of the seasons, and the fact that nothing lasts forever. So, hydrangeas can be an excellent way to remember a loved one who has passed away. They tell us that life is short and that we should enjoy every moment with the people we care about.

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5. Orchid

The orchid is a perfect flower to grieve over a beautiful bond because it represents true friendship. Orchids are not typically associated with a negative connotation of goodbye but signify a sense of admiration, grace, and appreciation.

They can be thoughtful when bidding farewell to a friend, colleague, or loved one, expressing your gratitude and best wishes for their future endeavors or new beginning.

6. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is an ornamental plant that grows in South America. It is often called the Peruvian lily or the lily of the Incas.

The flower is named after the Swedish botanist Carl von Linné (1707-1778), who also went by the name Carolus Linnaeus.

There are about 150 kinds in the genus Alstroemeria. The flowers come in many colors, such as white, yellow, pink, orange, red, and purple.

The flowers are also often two or more colors. Alstroemeria is a flower that symbolizes friendship and loyalty, and it is usually given as a gift to show these feelings.

They are also often used in bouquets and other floral arrangements.

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7. Freesias

Anyone who has ever given or received a bouquet of freesias knows these flowers are linked to saying goodbye.

Their soft scent and delicate petals show the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye to a loved one. In hospitals in the 1800s, freesias were often given to sick people. The patients saw the flowers as a sign of hope that they would soon be well enough to go home.

Even now, freesias are related to both saying goodbye and having hope.

8. Dahlias

The Dahlia is a beautiful flower that signifies different things to different people. It is a sign of good luck and abundance in some cultures.

In other places, it stands for bravery and strength. But in many places worldwide, the Dahlia is an expression of goodbye.

The Dahlia is usually one of the last flowers to bloom in the autumn. The Dahlia indicates that summer is ending as the days get shorter and the leaves start to fall.

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9. Carnations

Carnations come in many different colors, and each color symbolizes something different. But when it’s time to part ways, light or pale pink is the color that shows this feeling.

Pink carnations are often associated with the idea of a mother’s unending love. One story says that they grew from the tears of the Virgin Mary as she watched Jesus carry his cross on the way to his crucifixion. As a result, they are often used to show kindness and care when parting ways.

People have also said that pink flowers are a way to remember someone who has died.


Flowers come in a wide variety, each with unique beauty and symbolism. Throughout history, flowers have been associated with different emotions. The language of flowers allows us to convey our sentiments when words may fail us.

While mourning a loved one or saying goodbye to a cherished friend, choosing the perfect flower to give can add a touch of sentiment and thoughtfulness to the parting.

The beauty and symbolism of flowers provide us with a valuable and heartfelt way to say goodbye to those we hold dear, leaving a lasting impression even after they have gone their separate ways.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are flowers a suitable farewell gift?

Flowers are a great goodbye gift. They have been used for a long time to express emotions like love, respect, sorrow, and farewell. They can help us show how we feel when we can’t find the right words or want to show our sympathy or support tangibly.

What color rose is for farewell?

White roses are often given as goodbye gifts, especially at funerals. White symbolizes purity, innocence, and peace, which can help someone feel better when they have lost someone or are sad. You can also say farewell with a yellow rose, which is a symbol of friendship and positivity.

What flower means breakup?

Yellow roses, chrysanthemums, and colchicum are the flowers of breakups. People often consider the yellow rose a breakup flower, an admittance of cheating or betrayal.

What flowers mean end of life?

Lilies and chrysanthemums are the flowers most often associated with death and mourning.

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