Dark Galaxy Tomato

Dark Galaxy Tomato: Portrait Of The Mottled Tomato

As the name ‘Dark Galaxy’ suggests, this type of tomato looks like it comes from another planet. We will introduce you to this peculiarity in the garden bed and explain what should be considered when growing the tomato variety ‘Dark Galaxy’.

This extraordinary stake tomato attracts everyone’s attention in every garden and also impresses with its taste. Even when immature, it stands out with its mottled purple gradient. In this profile, you can find out what makes the ‘Dark Galaxy’ tomato variety and how to cultivate it in your own garden or on the balcony.

Dark Galaxy Tomato: Wanted poster

fruit Salad tomato; golden yellow to red basic color, dark purple to black covering color
taste sweet, juicy, fresh
Ripening time medium late
growth Stick tomato, up to 180 cm
Location Greenhouse, protected field, pot

Origin and history of the tomato

The ‘Dark Galaxy’ variety is a relative novelty from the USA. Like most blue and black tomato varieties, it did not emerge until the beginning of the 21st century. It was developed by Brad Gates at Wild Boar Farms in California and was launched as a variety in 2014.

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Properties and taste of the tomato variety ‘Dark Galaxy’

The tomato variety ‘Dark Galaxy’ grows indefinitely as a staked tomato and can be up to 180 centimeters high. The round to flat-round, sometimes slightly ribbed fruits weigh 50 to 100 grams and can vary in size. ‘Dark Galaxy’ lives up to its name because half of the medium-sized tomatoes are covered in a dark purple to black color, which only reveals the golden yellow to bright red base color at certain points. With a little imagination, the variety is reminiscent of the Milky Way on a clear night.
The tomatoes ripen from August, the blue color becoming darker the more sunlight hits the fruit. The taste of the ‘Dark Galaxy’ is sweet and fresh, the deep red pulp is very juicy and tasty. You can obtain your tomato seeds from this variety yourself because the Dark Galaxy tomato is seed-proof.

The tomato plants should be supported with a stick

Tips on growing and caring for the Dark Galaxy tomato

The tomato variety ‘Dark Galaxy’ can be grown in the greenhouse as well as in the tub and as an outdoor tomato. Outside, it should be protected from rain and adverse weather under a roof. Young plants of this extraordinary variety can be planted outdoors and in pots from mid-May. For this purpose, the largest possible planter should be chosen and filled with special potting soil. Organic tomato soil, for example, is produced in a climate-neutral manner and is completely peat-free. It is pre-fertilized and provides essential nutrients for proper growth after planting. Put the ‘Dark Galaxy’ deep into the earth, remove the lowest leaves, and press gently around the plant. Then water vigorously and support the tomato with a stick.

From June the tomato plants begin to grow properly and to form side shoots and flowers. Skimming the tomatoes is now an important issue because too many of the lateral shoots delay the ripening of the fruit, and the plant often grows too dense. Therefore, the number of shoots on the ‘Dark Galaxy’ is reduced to two to three, and all-new side shoots are regularly removed. You should fertilize your tomatoes for the first time in early to mid-June. Organic liquid fertilizer facilitates the supply of nutrients, especially with balcony tomatoes, but also with all other tomato plants. Tomato and vegetable fertilizer is added to the irrigation water about once a week and is therefore very easy to apply. The nutrients are absorbed quickly and can therefore quickly provide relief even in the case of acute deficiency symptoms.

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Harvest and use Dark Galaxy

The ‘Dark Galaxy’ can be consumed fresh because its pleasantly fresh and sweet taste makes it the ideal snack and salad tomato. When filled on the grill or in the oven, the aroma also unfolds well, but the unusual color is of course best shown raw.

In summer our tomato plants are in full bloom and the first fruits ripen. But soon after that, the cold season comes and in March it is time again to think about growing the tomato plants. Perhaps this time the beautiful tomato variety ‘Dark Galaxy’ is also at the start?

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