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Beautiful Foliage Rhododendron Varieties: Our Top 20 For Your Garden

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If you want to give a very special rhododendron a place in your garden, you are right with the leafy beauties – we have the 20 most beautiful ones ready for you.

Most rhododendrons convince with a lush and colorful bloom. However, this splendor only lasts a few weeks in your own garden – to the sadness of many rhododendron lovers. However, we have a remedy for you: The following varieties guarantee you the pleasure that lasts much longer thanks to their beautifully colored and shapely foliage. Most of the deciduous rhododendrons are very closely related to the wild rhododendrons and conjure up a very special flair in your garden.

Beautiful foliage rhododendron varieties: The 20 most beautiful varieties

Below you will find our selection of the most beautiful leafy rhododendrons that will enchant your garden.

Ever Red ( Rhododendron williamsianum ): Exotic, hybrid variety; small, flat and compact growing; blood-red foliage; bell-shaped leaves; Coloring of the leaves lasts six to eight weeks longer than flowering

Rhododendron Wilton: bronze-colored shoots; shiny foliage with strong veins; compact growth, so suitable for allotments and balconies; early flowering (rose-colored), lasts for six to eight weeks

Beautiful foliage rhododendron varieties: Our top 20 for your garden

  • Rusty Dane ( Rhododendron bureau ): Danish variety; rust-colored underside of the leaf, slightly rust-colored, a shiny upper side of the leaf; compact in growth
  • Silver velor ( Rhododendron pachysanthum x yakushimanum ): very vital variety, healthy foliage; initially light beige foliage, later silvery leaves appearing; The flower is light pink at first, but then white when it is full; compact in growth
  • Harvest ( Rhododendron smirnowii ): Russian variety; double flowering period (pre-flowering in autumn, main flowering in spring); slightly tomentose growth; long, slender leaves; slightly beige
  • Hot Shot Variegated ( Rhododendron obtusum ): The foliage of this variety is lush green with a conspicuous white border, part of which is thrown off in severe frost in winter; the flowers are bright red throughout May; Hardy to -21 ° C and reaches a height of 50 centimeters

Beautiful foliage rhododendron varieties: Our top 20 for your garden

  • Goldflimmer (large-flowered hybrid): Blooms in June in purple-pink with yellow-brown markings; Growth height up to 140 cm; the leaves are green with a yellow center
  • Gold leaf (large-flowered hybrid): Blooms in June in purple-pink with a brown-yellow eye; Growth height up to 140 cm; the leaves are green with yellow markings
  • Carolina Spring (Large Flowering Hybrid): Flowers purple-pink; Growth height up to 140 cm; the dark green leaves are patterned irregularly from yellow-white to beige
  • Rhododendron rex Rexima (Yakushimanum Hybrid): Large, dark green leaves with cinnamon-colored hairs on the underside; the flowers are white with red spots and appear from late April to mid-May; it can reach heights of up to 90 centimeters
  • Graziella ( R. ponticum ): Large, pink flowers with velvet red eyes; from mid-May to early June; very narrow decorative foliage; Growth height up to 110 cm

Beautiful foliage rhododendron varieties: Our top 20 for your garden

  • Filigree ( R. ponticum ): In May, the very narrow, long leaves are joined by numerous pink flowers with red spots and a wavy edge of the petals; Growth height up to 60 cm
  • Makiyak ( Yakushimanum Hybrid ): Deep green, very narrow, elliptical foliage that is slightly curled upwards; the shoot is silvery, the underside of the leaf is creamy hairy; in May the plant blooms in pink-white to white with golden-brown markings; Growth height up to 70 cm; evergreen and hardy
  • Colorful favorite (large-flowered hybrid): Pink flowers with a white center and red spots in May; Growth height up to 120 cm; the new shoot is bright red
  • Ursine (large-flowered hybrid): Bright violet-pink flowers in June, reddish to bronze-colored new shoots; Growth height up to 150 cm

Beautiful foliage rhododendron varieties: Our top 20 for your garden

  • Rhododendron Calophyllum hybrids: The hybrids of R. Calophyllum stand out with their particularly large leaves and droop slightly. The plants are well winterproof and bloom from April to May
  • Arkona: white-pink flowers with black-red markings
  • Dominik: Light pink to pinkish-purple flowers with burgundy spots
  • Caramba: Ruby pink flowers with wine-red markings
  • Octavia: Pale pink flowers with fiery red spots
  • Sarastro: Candy-pink flowers with red-violet markings that lighten to white-pink as they bloom

Beautiful foliage rhododendron varieties: Our top 20 for your garden

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