Yellow tomatoes: the best varieties and tips for planting

Oops, is that about yellow tomatoes? We will introduce you to the most delicious yellow tomato varieties and reveal everything you should know about taste, cultivation, and harvest. Yellow tomatoes shine particularly brightly and conspicuously between their red relatives.

From creamy white to golden yellow, you can find varieties in all color gradations and sizes. The yellow tomatoes often taste fruity and sweeter than many red varieties and are therefore particularly suitable for those with a sweet tooth. We’ll introduce you to the best varieties, give you tips on planting and explain how to recognize ripe fruits.

The best varieties of yellow tomatoes

The almost white, light yellow to golden yellow fruits can be admired in every size and shape. We have put together an overview of the best yellow varieties for you.

Yellow tomatoes: old varieties

  • ‘Brandywine Yellow’ originally comes from the USA and is a sun-yellow color variation of the well-known red ‘Brandywine’ tomato. With a weight of up to 500 grams, it is one of the larger beefsteak tomatoes. It does not bear a lot of fruit, but the few taste deliciously aromatic and fruity-sweet.
  • ‘Gelbes Birnchen’, also called ‘Yellow Pearshaped’, forms many small pear-shaped fruits. It is a very old variety, but still a classic in the home garden. The plants are extremely robust and healthy, their fruits taste mild, sweetish, and tomato-like.
  • The ‘Golden Queen’ is one of the few round, yellow salad tomatoes. In addition, it originally comes from Erfurt, so it is one of the very rare USA varieties. It bears its golden yellow fruits reliably in the greenhouse and under protection from the rain. As with most yellow tomatoes, it tastes mainly fruity, mild, and sweet.

Yellow tomatoes: the best varieties & tips for planting

Yellow cocktail tomatoes

  • The ‘yellow date wine’ is another pear-shaped yellow tomato. Its small, sweet yellow fruits hang on the plant en masse. It is one of the cocktail tomatoes and can therefore be grown with several shoots. It is also very suitable as a potted tomato under a rain roof.
  • ‘Goldita’ produces many round, almost orange fruits with a uniquely delicious aroma and a lot of fructose – an ideal snack tomato for the balcony and garden, which is less prone to disease and has particularly beautifully shaped leaves.
  • One of the most beautiful tomatoes is probably the ‘Golden Bumble Bee’, in German “Golden Bumblebee”. This yellow, red, orange, and pink striped cocktail tomato certainly has the potential to become one of your favorite varieties too. It scores with early and long-lasting yield and a fruity-sweet taste.
  • ‘Snow White’ is a tremendously vigorous and robust and healthy tomato variety. White as snow, or at least almost, are the sugar-sweet, light-colored fruits on the cocktail tomatoes, which are up to 2.5 meters high.
  • One of the few yellow wild tomatoes is the ‘golden currant’ or ‘yellow currant tomato. As with almost all wild tomatoes, the taste is strongly tomato-like and the plant bears masses of small, round, golden-yellow fruits. The plant should not be exhausted, it is best to simply let it grow rampant. The variety is very disease tolerant and vigorous.

Yellow tomatoes: the best varieties & tips for planting

Yellow salad tomatoes

  • A color variation of the well-known De Barao is the ‘De Barao yellow’. It is also called a ‘little lamp’ and forms large plum-shaped fruits. It is ideal for the outdoors and is easy to wear even without a rain cover.
  • The ‘Garden Peach’ is a very special light yellow tomato because, like peaches, there are many soft hairs on its skin. It feels incredibly velvety and fluffy, but that doesn’t bother you at all when you eat it. It also tastes wonderfully fruity and sweet, almost like a melon. The plants are robust and disease-resistant, making them very suitable for outdoor use.
  • ‘Lemon Plum’ is an old Russian variety. Its bright yellow fruits have the shape of a lemon, but taste mildly sweet and aromatic. She feels particularly comfortable in the greenhouse, but also under a rain cover.

Yellow beefsteak tomatoes

  • The popular yellow ‘pineapple tomato’ shines from the end of July with yellow-orange-red marbled large fruits. Its taste is reminiscent of pineapple, it tastes so fruity and sweet. Everything about pineapple tomatoes, the different varieties, and tips for growing them can be found in the tomato profile.
  • ‘Azoychka’ is one of the rare completely yellow beefsteak tomatoes. It comes from Russia and ripens early in mid-July. It is uncomplicated, easy to care for, and robust, like most Russian varieties, and also has a pleasantly sweet and fruity taste, mild and juicy.
  • ‘White Queen’ shines in such a bright yellow that it appears almost white. As soon as the 400-gram fruits are creamy white in color, they are ripe for picking. Like all white varieties, it tastes mildly fruity and very sweet. In any case, it is an eye-catcher in the greenhouse, where it feels most comfortable.

Yellow tomatoes: the best varieties & tips for planting

Plant and care for yellow tomatoes

Yellow tomatoes, like their red relatives, are planted in the greenhouse around the beginning of May and pots or directly in the bed from mid-May. A potting soil specially tailored to the nightshade family supports a growth and fruit set. Except for yellow wild tomatoes, all plants need support, such as a stick made of wood or coiled metal.

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Skinning yellow lettuce and beefsteak tomatoes is important for good fruit formation; you should leave a maximum of two shoots for this. Yellow cocktail tomatoes can also handle three or four main shoots on a plant. Tomatoes are thirsty contemporaries, which is why mulching is particularly worthwhile because you save a lot of irrigation water.

Over the season, the plants need large amounts of minerals and nutrients, they are best supplied sustainably and long-term with a mainly organic long-term fertilizer. Organic tomato fertilizer is particularly suitable for sun worshipers who are hungry for nutrients and offers your tomatoes all the essential nutrients in granulate form for easy application.

Harvest and use: when are yellow tomatoes ripe?

In the case of yellow tomatoes, it is sometimes not that easy to tell when the pretty fruits are ripe. The easiest way is to squeeze the fruit slightly. If it gives way and feels soft, it’s time to harvest. Yellow cocktail tomatoes are particularly suitable for fresh consumption, but can also be easily dried and preserved. Larger tomatoes add color to salads and bread, but can also be used to make yellow sauces and soups.

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