why is my money tree leaning

Why Is My Money Tree Leaning?

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There could be several reasons to have a money tree (also known as a Pachira aquatica) in your home. One of the main reasons is that it adds life to your home and is perfect for all plant enthusiasts. However, watching your money tree lean toward one direction can be frustrating. You might be wondering Why is My Money Tree Leaning?

why is my money tree leaning

It could be alarming, especially if your plant starts leaning recently after months of standing tall and strong. It is easy to fix a leaning plant if you understand the root cause of the problem to avoid such issues in the future. Here are a few possible explanations and some solutions:

My Money Tree Leaning

There are endless possibilities that cause plant leaning. Some of these factors include insufficient watering, lack of nutrients, poor lighting, lack of pruning, and more. Here are some of the problems and ways of fixing them.

money tree wilting

Poor Lighting

Most plants tend to lean towards the light source if they do not get enough care. Money trees prefer bright, indirect light, so they may lean towards a light source if it’s not getting enough light.

Putting these plants away from direct sunlight means that they will eventually begin searching for more light. With enough sunlight, money trees become weak, making it possible to keep them straight.

The closest source of light would be a door or window. With time your money trees will start leaning toward that direction. However, this also happens when your trees get a lot of sunlight.

house plants by window

Direct sunlight weakens the trees and makes them lean in a specific direction. The plant no longer has the support it had before, and the sunlight has damaged its leaves and stems. To reverse this, put your money tree in a south or east direction to ensure it only gets the light it needs for growth.

Rotate the pot from time to time to ensure that all parts of the plant get enough sunlight. It also allows all sides to grow upright instead of leaning towards one side in the light direction. The best way is to rotate your plant after every watering session.

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Insufficient Or A Lot of Watering

Overwatering or underwatering is a huge problem. Check if the plant is getting too much water or not enough water. Overwatering can cause the soil to become waterlogged, leading to a lack of support for the plant, which can cause it to lean.

On the other hand, if the soil is too dry, the plant may lean in search of moisture. It becomes difficult for beginners to determine how much water is enough. Overwatering causes root rot, whereas underwatering weakens the money tree, thus causing leaning.

It could also attract pests; therefore, giving money trees a lot of water makes it impossible for them to absorb nutrients from the water. It requires deep watering but a few times a month.

watering green plants with sprayer

Ensure the soil is dry before watering the plant. Look at the soil every week or after two weeks to determine if it needs watering. Constantly water your money trees until water comes through the drainage holes. Remove excess water from the tray.

Infrequent watering is vital during the winter season to avoid overwatering. Luckily, money trees become dormant during this season, making it easy to maintain the plant.

They do not need much water or proper nutrition, giving you a break and preparing you for the spring season.

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Lack of Nutrients

When the money tree plant is not getting enough nutrients, chances of leaning are high. Fertilization is critical and a necessity for all plants as it promotes growth.

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If the plant is not getting enough nutrients, it may lean as it searches for more nourishment. Watering reduces the number of nutrients in the pot. Add all-purpose fertilizer to the pot every summer, spring and fall season. Do not add a lot of fertilizer, as it might burn the roots and dry your plants.

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If the Top Is Heavy

Although you might want to let your plant grow as much as possible, it might get heavy for the pot. In natural habitats, money trees grow up to 60 feet. However, indoor plants reach about 6 feet. Remember to give them constant pruning to keep these trees in shape.

pruning plant

Pruning will encourage growth and ensures new leaves and branches grow. It also helps in maintaining a neat pattern in the house. The ideal time to prune your money trees is during the summer or spring season since this is the time the plant grows the most.

Check the plant monthly to see if the leaves, flowers, or branches require trimming. Remove the flowers and leaves that might have dried out before cutting out the hanging branches. 

Bypass pruners are the ideal choice for the job but clean them with alcohol to protect the plant from pests and diseases.

pruning with shears

Poor-Quality Potting Soil

Did you know that poor-quality potting soil could lead to leaning? The suitable potting soil should have the correct texture. Find soil that holds enough moisture to keep your plant healthy.

When choosing potting soil, it is essential to consider the needs of the plants you will be growing. Here are some factors to think about before planting money trees:

repotting a plant with

  • The nutrient content: Some potting soils are pre-fertilized, while others are not. If you are planting a ravenous plant that requires specific nutrients, you may need to choose a soil with higher nutrient content.
  • Drainage: Different plants have different water needs, and the drainage of your potting soil can affect how frequently you need to water your plants. If you are planting a plant that requires well-draining soil, look for lighter and more porous soil, such as a soil-less mix or a mix made with perlite or vermiculite.
  • pH: The pH of your soil can also be necessary for specific plants. If you are planting plants requiring a particular pH range, you may need to choose soil with a pH appropriate for your plants.
  • Sterilization: Some potting soils are sterilized to kill potential diseases or pests. If you are planting sensitive plants or are concerned about disease or problems, choose sterilized potting soil.

Select a potting soil that is well-balanced and suitable for your growing plants. If you are still determining which soil is best for your money trees, consult a gardening expert or a nursery staff member for guidance.

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Re-Pot The Plant

As the tree grows, you might realize the pot is small, and it should be the right time to switch it into a larger pot. The plant needs enough space to grow, and as it outgrows the pot.

repotting plant

It will become too heavy, which might cause the leaning. The roots are root bound and will also need more growing space, making it hard to provide the proper nutrients for the plant.

Such issues cause leaning; therefore, re-potting is critical if the plant quickly outgrows the pot size. Keep an eye on it and get a huge pot once you notice such changes. You might also see the roots coming out through the drainage hole. It indicates that the pot is too small, and it is time for a change.

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How To Make Money Tree Straight

Depending on the space in your house, you can make your money trees taller and straight. Money trees are popular houseplants for their ability to bring good luck and prosperity.

money tree in the window

The best way to keep your money tree straight there are a few things you can try besides pruning the plant regularly:

  • Place your money tree in a location with indirect light. Too direct sunlight can cause the plant to lean or bend toward the light source.
  • Use a stake or trellis to support the plant. If your money tree is leaning or bending, you can use a stake or trellis to help it grow upright. Insert the stake into the soil near the base of the plant and gently tie the stem with a piece of cloth.
  • Rotate the plant regularly. Money trees tend to grow towards the light, so rotating the plant can help ensure that it grows evenly and straight.

money tree


Money trees should get enough support to grow appropriately. Since money trees have relatively shallow roots, they may need a support stake or trellis to help them stand upright. If the plant is not getting enough support, it may start to lean.

Therefore, if you need clarification on why your money tree is leaning, try adjusting the light, water, and nutrient levels, and consider providing the plant with additional support. If these changes don’t help, the plant may suffer from a disease or pest infestation.

Pruning may be scary, especially if this is your first plant. However, it is a necessity if you want to grow healthy and well-marinated money trees. That way, you will have a properly growing tree and keep it neat.

If it seems complicated, you should consult a horticulturist or plant expert for further guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a money tree to stand up straight?

A money tree is a popular houseplant because of its braided trunk and lush green foliage. To get a money tree to stand up straight, Use a well-draining soil mix. Money trees prefer fresh soil that is well-draining and slightly acidic.

A soil mix that drains well will help prevent the plant from becoming waterlogged, which can cause it to become unstable. Also, choose the right pot. Money trees can grow large, so choosing a bigger pot is essential to accommodate the plant’s root system.

Additionally, use a stake or support. If your money tree is leaning or has become unstable, you can use a stake or support to help it stand straight.

Insert the stake into the soil near the base of the plant, and tie the plant to the stake using a soft, flexible material such as plant ties or old pantyhose.

Finally, prune the plant and remove the long, unruly branches.

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How do I stop my plant from leaning?

You can try a few things to stop your plant from leaning. First, check the soil moisture, and ensure it is not too dry or too wet. Make sure to water your plant regularly, but be careful not to over-water it.

Second, check the lighting to ensure your plant is receiving enough sunlight. Third, trim the plant. If the plant is leaning because it is too big or unbalanced, you can cut it to remove some excess branches and increase the chances of new growth.

Finally, rotate the plant towards a light source. Try turning the plant so that it grows evenly.

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How do you keep a money tree in shape?

A money tree is said to bring good luck and prosperity. Water the plant regularly if you want to keep it in good shape. Money trees prefer to be consistently moist but not soggy.

Check the soil with your finger to see if the top inch is dry, and water the plant if it is. Letting the water drain through the pot to prevent the roots from sitting in standing water is a good idea.

Additionally, provide proper lighting since these plants prefer bright, indirect light. They can tolerate low light levels but may not grow as well. Avoid placing them in direct sun, as this can cause the leaves to be yellow.

Remember to fertilize and start pruning the plant to shape it during the growing season. Since money trees can grow tall, you may need to prune them to keep them at the desired size.

Use sharp, clean scissors or pruning shears to remove overgrown or damaged branches.

How do you fix a droopy money tree?

You can try a few things to fix a droopy money tree, such as checking the soil moisture. Money trees prefer well-draining soil that is slightly moist but not soggy. If the soil is too dry, the leaves will droop.

Remember to check the light since if the plant is not getting enough light, the leaves may wilt. Check the temperature since money trees prefer warm, humid conditions.

The leaves may droop if the plant is in a location with low humidity or frigid temperatures. Try misting the leaves with water or placing a humidifier near the plant to increase the moisture.

See if there are pests. Should you notice small, hard-shelled insects or sticky, honeydew-like substances on the leaves of your money tree, it may be infested with pests such as scale insects or aphids.

Treat the plant with an appropriate pest control product to eliminate the infestation.

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