White Cabbage Varieties: New (F1) & Well-Tried Varieties

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Overview of new and well-tried varieties of white cabbage. These differ mainly in the weight of the cabbage, harvest time and shelf life.

The white cabbage is divided into early, medium and late ripening varieties. There are also special varieties for commercial processing that differ from fresh varieties.

The numerous types of white cabbage differ mainly in terms of sowing time, size and harvest time. Learn more about Growing White Cabbage

We have listed an overview of the most famous types of white cabbage for you:

  • Bacalan Gross : Early variety from Spain with large and oval cabbage heads; wavy leaf margins, particularly nice aroma.
  • Brunswijker : Early ripening variety with spherical, firm and medium-sized heads. Compared to other varieties, it forms only a few binders; Synonym: Brunswick.
  • Coronet (F1) : Medium-early ripening variety with a relatively good storability (especially when sown later); round and small cabbage head.
  • Dithmarscher Earlier : Traditional white cabbage variety with an early harvest time; Heads are medium-sized and cannot be stored for long; The variety comes from the German cabbage stronghold Dithmarschen.
  • Domarna : Popular variety for industrial cultivation; round heads with high weight. The variety is particularly robust against diseases and is mostly used for the production of sauerkraut.
  • Dottenfeld duration : high-yielding and vigorous variety with slightly oval heads; Heads are short-stemmed and firm; good shelf life and particularly fine taste.
  • Equatoria (F1) : Medium early variety with semi-flat heads and a pleasantly mild aroma. Due to their size and texture, they are particularly suitable for cabbage wraps.
  • Filderkraut : Medium to late ripening variety with firm and pointed heads. Filderkraut is a traditional Swabian variety with fine and aromatic leaves, which is particularly suitable for salads and fine sauerkraut; can be stored well.
  • Holsteiner Platter : Very vigorous and variety with large, slightly flatter heads. Despite the late ripeness, the variety is difficult to store and should be processed immediately after harvest; very good taste.
  • Kilaton (F1) : modern, medium to late maturing storage variety; A special feature of Kilaton is its resistance to the dreaded coal hernia. This means that there is no need for a long break from growing cabbage at the same location.
  • Krautkaiser : Late ripening variety with uniform, flat-round and very large cabbage heads; a good type of storage with a weight of up to 5kg
  • Lion (F1) : late ripening stock varieties with round and beautiful green heads; high disease resistance (especially thrip tolerance); Lion variety achieved the best result in a variety comparison by LVG Erfurt in the category “late white cabbage varieties for the fresh market”.
  • Marner Lagerweiß : Late ripening and tightly packed camp cabbage; very big heads with good taste; Due to its excellent storage properties, this traditional variety also earned the nickname “permanent cabbage”.
  • Matsumo : early variety with flat-round heads; particularly suitable for raw vegetables such as coleslaw due to the tender and tasty leaves; can only be stored for a short time.
  • Rivera (F1) : Late ripening variety with medium-sized and dark green heads, which is ideal for storage; high-yielding (very compact growth) and robust.

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