Snowdrops: the most beautiful types and varieties

Snowdrops ring in the new garden year. But not all snowdrops are created equal. We present the most beautiful species and varieties.

Snowdrops: the most beautiful types and varieties

The rather smaller varieties belong to the species Galanthus nivalis

Snowdrops ( Galanthus ) carefully push themselves out of the cold earth from January onwards. You are the first to scout a winter awakening world. With the typical white flowers and long green leaves, even in snow, they dispel the fear that winter will no longer end. The different species vary in terms of their external appearance and thus provide the necessary variety. Do you need more arguments to bring the graceful early bloomers into your own garden?

Snowdrop species

Snowdrops are perennial, herbaceous plants that are mainly found in the countries around the Black Sea. But also here in Central Europe one of the 20 species is native. The little snowdrop ( Galanthus nivalis ) stretches its flowers towards the first rays of sunshine from January to March, even when there is snow. The German word snowdrops is derived from this species with its blossoms that ring in spring. Together with the Turkish or giant snowdrops ( Galanthus elwesii ) and the Voronov snowdrops ( Galanthus woronowii ), they are among the species that are most commonly sold as ornamental plants. Here are the differences:

Snowdrops: the most beautiful types and varieties

Galanthus elwesii are so-called giant snowdrops with particularly large flowers [Photo: Martin Fowler /]

  • little snowdrop ( Galanthus nivalis )
    • Height: 7 to 18 cm
    • Flowering period: December to April
    • Flower: white with a green spot
    • Leaves: long and bluish green
  • Giant Snowdrop ( Galanthus elwesii )
    • Height: 20 cm
    • Flowering period: February to March
    • Blossom: large flowers with broad, dark green stripes on the crown
    • Leaves: broad and pale green
    • Cope well in dry and sunny locations
  • Voronov snowdrop ( Galanthus woronowii )
    • Height: 4 to 19 cm
    • Flowering period: January to April
    • Flower: white with greenish markings
    • Leaves: broad and shiny
    • Used as a remedy

There are three species that bloom as early as autumn. One of them is a subspecies of the Queen Olga snowdrops ( Galanthus reginae-olgae ) with a flowering period from September to December.

Note : It is tempting to pick a small bouquet of snowdrops at the edge of the forest. But the wild species have been under species protection since 1973. Therefore, please do not pick any wild snowdrops!

Snowdrops: the most beautiful types and varieties

Snowdrops are the harbingers of spring

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