Saint Pierre: All About the Delicious Beefsteak Tomato

The tomato variety 'Saint Pierre' is known for its large, juicy fruits. We show what makes the Saint Pierre tomato so special and what needs to be considered when planting and caring for it.

Saint Pierre: Everything about the delicious beefsteak tomato

The 'Saint Pierre' is a historic, classic red beefsteak tomato

The large, red fruits of the 'Saint Pierre' variety catch the eye from afar. We present a portrait of the robust beefsteak tomato.

'Saint Pierre': wanted poster

fruit Beefsteak tomato; red
taste mild, juicy, moderately sweet
Ripening time medium
growth Stick tomato, up to 2 m
Location Greenhouse, open field

Origin and history of the tomato

The Saint-Pierre tomato is an old variety that comes from France and has been popular there from time immemorial. Hobby gardeners still like to grow this variety in their home gardens because it is considered robust and high-yielding .

Properties and taste of the beefsteak tomato 'Saint Pierre'

'Saint Pierre' has an average fruit weight of 100 grams and is therefore one of the beefsteak tomatoes. The flat-round to round red and firm fruits ripen in small clusters from the end of July. The plant is very robust against diseases and reaches a height of 150 to 200 centimeters. The 'Saint Pierre' tastes mild and balanced, is only moderately sweet, but juicy. It is also an old and non-seeded variety that can be propagated from its own seeds over and over again.

Saint Pierre: Everything about the delicious beefsteak tomato

The large fruits hang in clusters on the 'Saint Pierre' plant [Photo: AS-kom /]

Plant and care for the 'Saint-Pierre' tomato

'Saint Pierre' is suitable for growing in a greenhouse and, thanks to its high disease resistance, is also particularly suitable as an outdoor tomato. The 'Saint Pierre' can be planted outdoors from mid-May. With a soil specially adapted to the needs of tomatoes, such as our Plantura organic tomato soil, you give the plants a quick start to the flowering season. The nutrients it contains provide the tomatoes with everything they need at the beginning of the growing season. You put the soil directly into the planting hole and put the 'Saint Pierre' deep into it. After planting, it needs to be watered.

Beef tomatoes like the 'Saint Pierre' are always completely stripped , that is, all side shoots are broken off. So only the more stable main shoot bears the weight of the heavy fruit. The plant should be well supported and kept upright outdoors. In this way, the plants dry off quickly after a rain. As a result, the leaves and fruits are better protected against fungal diseases. Proper watering and mulching of tomatoes also contributes to plant health in the field.

In the course of the fruit formation, fertilization should be used, as the earth's own nutrients are quickly used up. With a primarily organic long-term fertilizer, such as our Plantura organic tomato fertilizer, the 'Saint Pierre' is fertilized gently and long-term. The high potassium content supports the growth and ripening of the fruit.

Harvest and use Saint Pierre tomatoes

The large fruits of the 'Saint Pierre' can be used as tomato slices for burgers or as a snack. Large amounts of harvest can be cooked well in soups and sauces. The fruits do not become too soft and keep their shape. They are also perfect for filling and grilling or for baking in the oven.

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