Prune floribunda roses: expert tips on timing and pruning

The growth form of bed roses differs significantly from that of other roses. Here you can find out when and how to prune your floribunda correctly.

Roses ( Rosa ) are certainly among the most beautiful flowering shrubs in the garden. Ideally, floribunda roses should grow bushy, because shoots that are too long would cause the rose to fall apart in the long run. Regular pruning therefore not only ensures lush growth of the shoots and abundant flowering but also maintains the shape of the rose bush. In this article, we explain to you what you need to pay attention to when cutting floribunda roses.

When to cut floribunda roses and how best to proceed – we will inform you about this below.

When should you prune floribunda roses?

It is best to cut roses before they sprout in early spring (March / April). Strong frosts should better not be expected at this point so that the rose is not damaged. Experienced rose gardeners orientate themselves on the flower of the forsythia ( Forsythia × intermedia ). Wilted and diseased shoots can and should even be removed during the growing season. In this way it is possible, for example, to avoid the spread of fungal infections.

How and how strongly are floribunda roses prune?

Many hobby gardeners shy away from pruning roses. But that is not necessary, because with a little practice you will quickly get the hang of it. Basically, the following applies to roses: the stronger the cut, the stronger the new shoots will be.

Cutting floribunda roses: expert tips on timing & cutting

In any case, make sure that you use sharp secateurs and that the cut is made using an outward-facing bud. The cut surface should be sloping so that water can runoff. Also, be careful not to cut too deep. There should be around two to four eyes per shoot. A branch on which the rose blooms then sprouts from each of these buds. In addition, you should remove extreme forks of branches, weak, dead, and overly dense shoots. If one or two leading shoots are cut off close to the ground per year, new shoots are also encouraged.

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Summary pruning floribunda roses:

  1. Annual basic cut in spring (March / April)
  2. Cut the shoots back to two to four eyes
  3. Cut diagonally over an outward-facing bud
  4. Remove weak, dead, and overly dense shoots
  5. Remove a few main shoots to encourage rejuvenation

Tip from the professional: In the case of grafted roses, you should remove the wild shoots from the substrate directly at the point of emergence, so that they do not get out of hand and the positive properties of your hybrid tea rose variety (e.g. the ability to flower) is not lost.

Here you will find a special article with brief instructions for cutting different types of roses.

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