Propagate Fig Tree

Propagate Fig Tree: Propagation With Cuttings

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Propagating the fig tree is quite easy if you are the know-how. We explain how the fig tree can be propagated using cuttings, cuttings, and the like.

Your neighbor has a beautiful real fig tree ( Ficus carica ) in the garden and you would like one too? No problem, just ask your neighbor for a freshly cut branch or ripe fruit and grow your own fig tree.

Growing a fig tree yourself can have several benefits. Obviously, it’s a lot cheaper than buying one, but you shouldn’t despise its resilience either. Self-grown fig trees have the advantage that they have been adapted to the climatic conditions of your region since they were children.

Propagate fig tree using seeds

Basically, all you need to propagate from seeds is a ripe fig. It can come from your own tree or the supermarket. Of course, it is best if you can find out the variety of figs to see if it is a self-pollinated variety. Once you have found a suitable fruit, open the ripe fig and carefully remove some seeds. Prepare a planting bowl with moist garden soil and place the seeds on it. Now all you have to do is press the seeds on. The Organic universal soil is ideal for this, for example. Then it is helpful to put a transparent bag over the planter to keep the humidity high.

Put the whole thing in a warm and bright place. After about ten days, your seeds will begin to germinate. When the seedlings have grown about ten centimeters, you can separate them.

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Propagate fig tree: Propagation with cuttings, cuttings & Co.

Summary: Propagate fig tree with seeds:

  • Prepare the planter with moist garden soil
  • Carefully remove the seeds from the ripe fig
  • Press removed seeds lightly on moist soil
  • Cover it with transparent plastic film to increase the humidity
  • Put in a warm place
  • After about ten days of germination

Propagate the fig tree using cuttings

Propagation via cuttings is faster than sowing. Cut off a shoot of the fig tree about six inches long between April and May. It does not matter whether it is woody or green shoot, it should just not bear any fruit. Remove the leaves, especially in the lower half, leaving only a few small leaves, if any. Larger leaves would fall off during the rooting process anyway.

The cutting can now be inserted directly into the substrate. A mixture of garden soil and a little sand is best for this. Then place your cutting in a light and warm place.

A fig tree from a cutting can quickly grow into a large tree. Find out how to properly plant your fig here.

Summary: Propagate fig tree using cuttings:

  • Cut off 15 cm long shoots between April and May
  • Choose woody or non-woody shoots without fruit
  • Remove most of the leaves
  • Root the cuttings in a glass of water or directly in potting soil

Propagate fig tree: Propagation with cuttings, cuttings & Co.

Propagate the fig tree using cuttings

If you want to grow larger quantities of young fig trees at the same time, you can use cuttings for propagation. This works in a very similar way to propagation via cuttings. The advantage, however, is that no shoot tip is necessary for propagation, but a branch can simply be divided into several pieces. In contrast to cuttings, cuttings are cut in winter or autumn instead of in spring for new shoots.

Choose lignified and strong branches from the previous year. Each log should be about six inches long. Since the tree has already hibernated at the time of the cut, there is no need to remove the excess leaves. Now proceed as with a cutting and put the wood in a mixture of garden soil and some sand and place the pot in a warm place.

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