Pointed Сabbage

Pointed Сabbage: The Early Ripening And Easily Digestible Type Of Cabbage

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Pointed cabbage in your own garden: the noble relative of white cabbage with many vitamins, high content of minerals, and low calorific value. Pointed cabbage, which is closely related to white cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. Capitata), is a fast-growing type of cabbage. When driven forward at the end of January, it can be planted outdoors from March. The first heads can be harvested as early as the end of May.

In general, the heads of the pointed cabbage are loosely packed and have more tender leaves compared to the white cabbage. In addition to its rapid growth, this is one of the main reasons why pointed cabbage can only be stored for a short time. You can keep it wrapped in a damp towel or newspaper in the refrigerator for a few days, unfortunately not longer. Nevertheless: Pointed cabbage is wonderfully suitable as a seasonal vegetable and tastes particularly good as a raw food snack and coleslaw.

Pointed cabbage seedlings shortly before planting

Gourmets appreciate the pointed herb especially because of the many vitamins, the high mineral content, and its low calorific value (approx. 20 kcal per 100g). Pointed cabbage is also said to be easier to digest than white cabbage. The cultivation differs from the white cabbage only in the sowing and harvesting time.

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For all other aspects, we would like to refer you to our portrait of white cabbage.

Tip: For a rich pointed cabbage harvest, use nutrient-rich and peat-free organic soil such as organic tomato and vegetable soil for planting.

The variety selection for pointed cabbage is very limited

  • Caraflex tolerant (F1): pointed variety with medium-sized heads weighing between 1-2kg; particularly delicate taste; Suitable for both raw food and cooking.
  • First crop: fast-growing variety suitable for spring cultivation; Firstfruits are usually brought forward and planted out in the open from March; Ready to harvest from the end of May.
  • Kalibo’s: cross between pointed and red cabbage; beautiful red-violet colored and loosely packed heads; the approx. 1kg heavy heads are ready for harvest in September or October, depending on the sowing; Storage is only possible to a limited extent.

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The three varieties mentioned here should not be confused with the Swabian variety of lilac cabbage, which belongs to the white cabbage, but has a pointed shape.

Lilac herb: Similar to confusion, but belongs to the white cabbage

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