Pink Roses: The 15 Most Beautiful Rose Varieties

Pink roses stand for youth and beauty. We make the girl’s dream come true and present the fifteen most beautiful pink roses varieties. Delicate, fairytale-like flower dream or brightly colored eye-catcher – Rosa is a real all-rounder in the flower bed and, along with the red varieties, are among the absolute favorites in the garden.

Especially their pronounced variety, which leaves no variation between small dwarf and large climbing roses, delicate rose and intense fuchsia, make the pink roses so popular. Which pink rose varieties are among the most beautiful of all, we show you here.

Roses are naturally red? This is a common misconception – in fact, the original color of the queen of flowers was most likely pink. Even today, many wildflowers, such as the Dog Rose (Rosa canina) or the Vine Rose (Rosa rubiginosa), show themselves in a delicate shade of pink, and even among cultivated flowers in the garden, there is an almost immeasurable selection of pink varieties.

No wonder, considering that the pink beauties impress not only with their appearance but also with their changeability: pastel-colored varieties charm with their dreamy, almost fairy-tale charm, while boldly colored variations are wonderfully suitable for modern accents in the garden.

The 15 Most Beautiful Pink Rose Varieties

Below we have gathered the most beautiful flower in pink for you.

15. Rome Rose Garden

With its strong pink color, the rose Stadt Rom is a real eye-catcher in any garden, which is also ideal as a ground cover thanks to its dense and compact growth. In addition, the plant scores with exceedingly good leaf health and its robust nature, which ensures that its incredible hue does not fade even in the heat.Rome Rose Garden

14. Noble Rose Beverly

With its heavily double blooms and great pink hue, which can vary significantly depending on the season, the Noble Rose Beverly is a real feast for the eyes. Even more impressive, however, is its scent: strong and intensely citrus-scented, the flower leaves no doubt as to why it has already won several fragrance awards. The fragrant flower also boasts good leaf health, which is why it gives amateur gardeners so much pleasure.Noble Rose Beverly

13. Climbing Rosarium Uetersen Rose

An impressive play of colors is one of the distinguishing features of the climbing rose Rosarium Uetersen. While the large, double blooms start out a pleasant deep pink, they take on a noble, slightly silvery hue over time. The beauty of the flower is supported by its dense growth and the strongly overhanging shoots, which give it an enchanting charm. But also its special frost hardiness and rain resistance speak for the long-flowering plant.Climbing Rosarium Uetersen Rose

12. Ground Cover Rose The Fairy

Just as enchanting as its name is the exterior of the ground cover rose The Fairy. This charming cultivar captivates with its small, salmon-colored flowers that like to appear in large numbers and stand together in large umbels. In addition to its beauty and good foliage health, this pretty flower is particularly attractive because it can be used in so many ways: whether as a ground cover or in a flowerpot, the charming cultivar The Fairy radiates a bit of its magic everywhere.Ground Cover Rose The Fairy

11. English Rose Gertrude Jekyll

Not just for the eye, but for the nose as well, the enchanting English Rose Gertrude Jekyll is an experience for all the senses. With their vibrant pink color, which contrasts elegantly with the gray-green foliage, the large blooms are a unique eye-catcher and exude a nostalgic charm. At the same time, Gertrude Jekyll presents itself with good heat tolerance and extremely rain-resistant flowers. But Gertrude Jekyll doesn’t just cut a fine figure in the bed: in fact, it also makes a great cut flower and can even be used as a climbing flower variety.English Rose Gertrude Jekyll

10. Bedding Rose Maxi Vita

High heat tolerance and impressive foliage health are just a few of the reasons why bedding rose Maxi Vita makes a great addition to any garden. With its bold blooms of intense pink, this ADR rose is one of the undisputed stars of the garden and a great eye-catcher. Due to its growth height of only 23.6 to 27.5  in, the Maxi Vita can also be used as a decorative ground cover.Bedding Rose Maxi Vita

9. Noble Rose Frederic Mistral

The heavenly fragrance of historic roses mixed with a hint of lime – this impressive aroma belongs to the noble rose Frederic Mistral and has already enchanted numerous noses. But the flowers of this charming flower also have a lot to offer: Pale pink, large, and attractively filled, they are a real feast for the eyes and are in no way inferior to the intense fragrance of the plant.Noble Rose Frederic Mistral

8. Bedding Rose Bonica 82

The bedding rose Bonica 82: Not only does the flower shine with a long shelf life, but it is also frost-hardy, rain-resistant, and extremely robust. Visually, Bonica 82 is particularly impressive with its rich pile of double, pale pink flowers, which make a great eye-catcher in the garden from June to September.Noble Rose Beverly

7. Ground Cover Rose Heidetraum

Countless small, crimson flowers transform the groundcover rose Heidetraum into a brilliant highlight in the garden each year. The semi-double jewels sit together in magnificent umbels and make any bed shine with their intense coloring from June through October. In addition to its great appearance, the ADR rose is also very easy to care for: robust and healthy, the Heidetraum thrives in almost any location.Ground Cover Rose Heidetraum

6. Rambler Rose Super Excelsa

Although the flowers are small, with a diameter of about 1.18 inches, their abundance of flowers and the fact that it is one of the few more frequently blooming rambler roses immediately make up for this disadvantage. Instead, the Super Excelsa captivates with an intense crimson color and also shows itself to be extremely robust. It is therefore hardly surprising that these coquettish climbing varieties were awarded the ADR title as early as 1991.Rambler Rose Super Excelsa

5. Bedding Rose Pomponella

When you first set eyes on the Bedding Rose Pomponella, its unusual name is self-explanatory: Its unusual flowers look like little pompons growing on the plant. Together with its dark pink color and the lovely scent, it gives off, Pomponella creates a truly enchanting, nostalgic charm. At the same time, this ADR rose is considered to be exceedingly healthy and easy to care for, which makes it great for beginners.Bedding Rose Pomponella

4. Noble Rose Souvenir de Baden-Baden

An impressive bloom on elegant, long stems – the noble rose Souvenir de Baden-Baden is a truly stylish souvenir that will not only make the hearts of flower lovers beat faster: With its cream-colored flowers, which take on an intense pink hue towards the center, the distinctive plant is a real feast for the eyes, which also beguiles with an intense fragrance. But also its durability together with exceptionally good leaf health are remarkable and have deservedly helped the rose to the ADR predicate.Noble Rose Souvenir de Baden-Baden

3. Climbing Rose Jasmina

Almost unbelievable is the multitude of blooms that the climbing rose Jasmina proudly presents starting in June. The plump flowers shine in a bright pink, which playfully conquers the hearts of their admirers. But it is above all the smell of the beautiful climbing flower that fascinates: At midday and in the evening, Jasmina exudes a sweet aroma reminiscent of the delightful scent of ripe apples. In addition, the impressive plant is also considered very hardy and can boast, among other things, the ADR predicate and several awards.Climbing Rose Jasmina

2. Noble Rose Parole

It is a master of superlatives: the noble rose Parole is probably one of the most impressive flower varieties ever. Thus, the flower captivates not only with huge, double flowers, which not infrequently have a diameter of 5.5 in but also with a bright pink that sets eye-catching accents in the garden. Also, its intoxicating scent has already earned the plant some of the most prestigious fragrance awards in the rose world. The fact that the flower also boasts excellent leaf health is just the cherry on top.Noble Rose Parole

1. Bedding Rose Countess Marie Henriette

When the unique smell of aniseed paired with the aroma of fresh apples wafts through the garden, only the bedding rose Marie Henriette can be the trigger: This enchanting beauty delights almost everyone with its great aroma. But the nostalgic pink flowers are also a real feast for the eyes, harmonizing perfectly with the glossy foliage and upright growth. In addition, Rose Countess Marie Henriette is extremely robust.Bedding Rose Countess Marie Henriette

Symbolic Meaning Of Pink Roses

Not only in terms of color but also in their meaning, the red and the pink flower have some things in common: Both stand for love as a matter of course and are often given as a sign of deep affection. However, since the pink rose is significantly more delicate in color than its sister, it is usually associated with young love that is still in its infancy, making it a great gesture among newly in love couples.

There are also different meanings among the individual shades of pink: For example, pastel shades represent beauty and respect, while a darker pink symbolizes gratitude and appreciation.

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