Tufted lilies can also be planted in a group

Pineapple Flower: Plants, Wintering And The Most Beautiful Varieties Of The Pineapple Lily

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The so-called pineapple flower (also known as a crested lily, eucomis, or pineapple lily) brings exotic flair to your own garden. But are Eucomis hardy? And what do you need to consider when planting and caring for them? We explain.

A pineapple flower brings exoticism into your garden. The pineapple-like flowers are an eye-catcher in your green paradise or winter garden. The tropical crested lilies are available in a wide range of sizes and colors and fit into every garden. We show you the most beautiful varieties and present important care tips.

Pineapple Flower: Origin And Characteristics Of The Crested Lilies

The Pineapple Lilly Plant (Eucomis) owes its name to its inflorescences, which are reminiscent of the shape of a pineapple. Botanically, however, the pineapple flower is not related to the pineapple (Ananas comosus) but belongs to the asparagus family (Asparagaceae).

Originally, the crested lily grew in the tropical regions of Africa. The plant was first brought to Europe by a botanist in the 18th century. In recent years, the plant has enjoyed growing popularity.

Tufted lilies can also be planted in a group

The pineapple flower is a herbaceous, perennial plant with a species-dependent growth height of 10 to 120 centimeters. It forms a pear-shaped bulb as an underground survival organ. The particularly prominent inflorescence is elongated and consists of many individual flowers, most of which are greenish-white or red in color. The leaf crest at the end of the inflorescence makes the flower resemble a pineapple.

However, the pineapple flower is by no means suitable for consumption, as all parts of the plant are poisonous. Direct contact with the skin should also be avoided as it can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

The Most Beautiful Varieties Of The Pineapple Flower

The variety of the pineapple flower is really impressive. Both in the size and color of the flowers, the different species and varieties differ significantly.

Tip: The flowers of some species of crested lilies have an unpleasant smell of carrion. This should be considered when cultivating in the living room.

Eucomis vandermerwei ˈOctopusˈ

Eucomis vandermerwei is a species of crested lily from the high altitudes of South Africa. The variety of Eucomis vandermerwei ˈOctopusˈ is particularly appreciated as an ornamental plant. This dwarf variety grows to a height of only about 10 centimeters and has leaves that are only 20 centimeters long. It’s a dark red to purple flowers make it a rarity. The leaves are also very decorative thanks to their purple dots.

Due to its size, it is particularly suitable for cultivation in a pot on the terrace or in the winter garden.

ˈOctopusˈ is a very appreciated dwarf variety

Eucomis Bicolor ˈGerandeteˈ

The variety ˈGerandeteˈ belongs to the species Eucomis bicolor and reaches a height of 60 cm. The flowers are white to green in color with a purple edge. The leaves are green with light green stripes. This variety is well suited for a large pot in the open or for planting out in a bed.

ˈGerandeteˈ enchants with a filigree colored flower edge

Eucomis Autumnalis

The Eucomis autumnalis is not a single variety but a species. This species of crested lily originally comes from East Africa. The flowers are bright white and can be admired from July to September. The plants reach a growth height of 40 to 60 centimeters.

The coloring in white with green looks very noble

Eucomis Comosa ˈSparkling Burgundyˈ

The variety ˈSparkling Burgundyˈ originates from swampy areas in South Africa. With a height of up to 120 centimeters, it is one of the largest species of pineapple flowers. The blossom begins in July and lasts until September. The stem of the flower is reddish-brown in color and the flowers appear in a pink tone.

With a height of up to 120 centimeters it is one of the largest species

Plant Pineapple Flower: Tips On Location

Although the pineapple flower prefers the open field, it can also be cultivated indoors. However, in the open field, it must be taken into account that the pineapple flower is not hardy. This means that the crested lilies have to be placed in the apartment or a frost-free room for wintering.

The pineapple flower can be planted outdoors from April onwards. It prefers a very bright location with little direct sunlight. In addition, the location should be protected from the wind and warm for full flowering.

The soil should be deep, loose, and well-drained. The Scarlet Lily is sensitive to waterlogging. A planting depth of the bulb of about 15 centimeters and a planting distance of 20 centimeters from the next bulb is optimal. To avoid having to dig up the bulb of the pineapple lily for wintering, planting in a tub is very practical.

When planting in a pot for outdoor or domestic use, you should also ensure that the substrate is permeable to water and rich in nutrients. To protect our environment, we recommend that you make sure that the soil is peat-free when you buy potting soil.

Caring For Pineapple Flowers: How Pineapple Lilies Feel Good

After planting in spring, the bulb needs only a little water. The water requirement increases when the first leaves are developed. Regular watering is the key to a beautiful pineapple flower. It thrives especially well with rainwater. A good supply of nutrients not only ensures strong growth, but also a beautiful flower. We recommend that you use mainly organic fertilizer during the summer. The long-term effect of organic flower fertilizer makes care easier. Diseases do not pose a significant problem for Scarlet Lily.

In autumn the leaves of the Scarlet Lily dry up. Now the watering can be stopped and the bucket can be placed in a frost-free place with temperatures not exceeding 15°C. In the field, now is the time to dig up the onion. This can be placed in a container with some soil and also wintered in a cool, frost-free place. Once a month, we recommend that the soil with the onion be slightly moistened. The next spring you can then replant the bulb and it will sprout at full strength.

Tip: The flower of the Scarlet Lily is also very suitable as a cut flower for the vase.

Matching the tropical pineapple flower, the iris works very well. How to plant the iris correctly, you can read in our special article.

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