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Peppermint Flavors: The Top 10 Aromatic And Fragrant Flavors

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With its refreshing aroma, peppermint is one of the absolute classics in the herb bed. However, very few people know that there is more than one variant. We introduce you to the 10 best types of peppermint.

Peppermint ( Mentha x Piperita ) is not just peppermint. There are small but subtle differences between the different peppermints. In the hobby garden, the high-yield, resilient peppermint varieties from commercial cultivation have prevailed over the years, which promise the best quality peppermint tea that you harvest yourself. The individual varieties differ primarily in their adaptation to the environmental conditions of different growing areas. On the other hand, new varieties with exceptional aromas bring variety. We have put together the best old and new peppermint varieties for you.

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Well-tried and robust peppermint varieties

  • ‘Mitcham’: This variety is practically the archetype of the classic peppermint. The most famous of all peppermint varieties comes from England and is up to four feet tall. ‘Mitcham’ brings high yields and its dark green and smooth leaves taste wonderfully aromatic. Unfortunately, this English variety is quite susceptible to peppermint rust (Pulcinella menthae ) and should therefore be moved to a different location every year.
  • ‘Agnes’: The ‘Agnes’ variety is rich in menthol and yet quite mild in the aroma. It is robust against powdery mildew and grows up to 80 cm high.
  • ‘Eichenau’: The ‘Eichenau’ variety is also described as ‘Bavarian Mint’. Their origins lie in the once well-known peppermint growing area of Eichenau in Bavaria. There it evolved from the ‘Mitcham’ variety. It is characterized by its strong, sharp menthol taste and its strong aroma. Young shoots are light in color and form a nice contrast to the dark older shoots. The plant grows up to 70 cm high.
  • ‘Multimentha’ / ‘Thuringian Peppermint’: The ‘Multimentha’ variety was used for commercial cultivation in the former GDR. Today it is particularly popular in South Tyrol. It is particularly cold-tolerant, vigorous, and reaches heights of up to one meter. ‘Multimentha’ is particularly rich in menthol, which gives it an intense aroma.

Peppermint Flavors: The Top 10 Aromatic & Fragrant Flavors

New and unusual peppermint varieties

  • ‘Nigra’: The ‘Nigra’ variety is also only about 60 cm high and is characterized by its dark color. Their taste is mild.
  • ‘Proserpina’: This variety of the classic dark color type is extremely vigorous and productive. It reaches heights of up to one meter. The taste is pleasantly spicy.
  • ‘Chocolate’ / ‘Schoko’: The smell and taste of the chocolate mint are reminiscent of mint chocolate or After Eight. The variety only grows to around 60 cm. Their mild, slightly sweet aroma goes perfectly with all kinds of desserts.

Peppermint Flavors: The Top 10 Aromatic & Fragrant Flavors

The subspecies Citrate

In addition to the well-known subspecies Mentha piperita var. Piperita, to which all the varieties already mentioned belong, Mentha piperita var. Citrate is also an important subspecies of peppermint.

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The citrus scent that they exude is characteristic of varieties of these subspecies.

  • ‘Eau-de-Cologne-Mint’: Mint with the scent of cologne.
  • ‘Orange mint’: This variety stands out for its reddish leaves and its fruity aroma, reminiscent of oranges. It also tolerates sunny locations and is very vigorous. It is ideal for making refreshing lemonade, for tea, strawberry punch or to refine desserts.
  • ‘Lime Mint’: The refreshing aroma of this variety is reminiscent of the smell of lime peel. The variety grows to about 80 cm high.
  • Spearmint ( Mentha spicata ): Although spearmint is not directly a variety of peppermint, it is closely related to it. It is considered to be one of the ancestral species from which peppermint originated. It can be used excellently for yogurt dips. It also works particularly well in African-inspired dishes such as tabbouleh.

Peppermint Flavors: The Top 10 Aromatic & Fragrant Flavors

Of course, it’s not just peppermint that is so rich in a wide variety. We have summarized the mint types for you in our special article.

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