Orange Roses: Top 11 Rose Varieties In Warm Orange

Orange roses bring happiness and not only symbolically radiate warmth. We present the ten most beautiful orange rose varieties. Red roses are the unbeaten classics in the bed, but they often have a reputation for being old-fashioned or skewered. The situation is different for orange roses: with their unusual hue, the flowers are among the more modern rose variations and are guaranteed to make your bed glow.

Gentle apricot tones blend wonderfully into their surroundings and at the same time look stylish and contemporary, while with bright orange wonderful accents can be set in the bed. Which orange rose varieties are among the most beautiful of all, we will tell you here.

Roses are always a real eye-catcher, but orange roses have a certain something: Soft pastel tones, bright orange, or flaming gradients are just a few possible color variations that enchant the garden with their warmth and charm. This makes orange roses real all-rounders that can be perfectly integrated into any bed and quickly provide envious glances.

The 11 Most Beautiful Orange Roses Varieties

Below we have collected the 10 most beautiful roses from rich orange to bright apricot for you.

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11. Tropicana Rose

The Tropicana rose delights with an unusual golden orange, which – depending on the intensity of the sun – can change to apricot during the flowering period. The frame is set by an unusual light green shiny foliage. The name of this rose has more to do with its mango fragrance.

Tropicana Rose

10. Rose Ashram

Unique – the copper-colored tint of the noble rose Ashram cannot be described otherwise. The noble flower not only impresses with its special color but is also slightly flamed, which underlines its beauty once again. Even their dark green, healthy foliage only reinforces the noble radiance of the Ashram even more. The icing on the cake is its enchanting fragrance, which is fruity but at the same time discreet, floating through the garden.Orange-rose-ashram

9. English Rose Pat Austin

The English rose Pat Austin presents a truly impressive flower color from July to September: Intense copper is the predominant shade of the outer petals and runs inward to a gentle orange tone. The imposing, filled flowers are rounded off by their striking red dust threads. The Pat Austin a real highlight in the garden.English Rose Pat Austin

8. Dwarf rose Apricot Clementine

Unobtrusive yet beautiful – with its pastel-colored flowers, the Apricot Clementine is just right for those who want to rely on understated elegance. From June to November, the dwarf rose, which is only 23.6 in. high, blooms in soft orange, and sometimes even opts for rosé-tinted flowers. Together with its medium green foliage, which impresses with good health, the Apricot Clementine is such a real treasure in the rose bed.Dwarf rose Apricot Clementine

7. Beetrose Brothers Grimm

Like a fairy tale: The Beetrose Brothers Grimm is a truly extraordinary beauty. Especially its interesting flower color, which is characterized by an unmistakable play of colors between bright orange and bright yellow, makes the pretty flower an impressive eye-catcher. But it is not only its breathtaking appearance: the ADR rose is also characterized by good leaf health and heat-tolerant.

orange-rose Brothers Grimm

6. Climbing rose Baroque

Pompous yet elegant – the climbing rose Baroque lives up to its name. With its large stuffed, ball-shaped flowers and elegant dark green foliage, the pretty rose quickly develops into the undisputed queen in the garden. Especially its bright apricot-yellow hue, which sometimes tends towards rosé, quickly enchants the hobby gardener with its charm. But the Baroque also stands out positively for its growth, flowering power, and health.Climbing rose Baroque

5. Ground cover rose Sedana

Whether as a colorful ground cover or as a container plant, the ground cover rose Sedana always makes a good figure. With its small, cream orange to apricot-colored flowers, the flower is a real beauty and enchants especially with its impressive play of colors, in which even individual pink tones can occur. In addition to its pretty flowers, the ADR rose also impresses with its attractively dark green foliage and good health.

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Ground cover rose Sedana

4. Beetrose Western Time

Winter hardy, rainproof, and with good leaf health – the Beetrose Western Time is a true survivalist. But it is not only its robust style that distinguishes the ADR rose: its great appearance also makes gardener’s hearts beat faster. Countless small flowers in an orange dress with reddish edges immediately enchant every viewer. The Western time is rounded off by a pleasantly spicy fragrance that also spoils our noses.Beetrose Western Time

3. Shrub Rose Westerland

A truly impressive declaration of love for the island of Sylt is probably the shrub rose Westerland: With its impressive play of colors of various orange and copper tones, the impressive plant is one of the most colorful shrub roses ever. In addition, her young foliage often has a reddish tone, which increases her ornamental value once again. In addition, the Westerland shines with a great fragrance and is also suitable for beginners because of its robust nature.Shrub Rose Westerland

2. Edelrose Chippendale

We meet a master of seduction with the noble rose Chippendale in the garden: with its nostalgic flower in dark orange, which sometimes also appears in peach yellow or apricot pink, the great flower conquers all hearts. Even our noses are not safe from the rose and are effortlessly beguiled by its charming, sweet-sweet scent. To make matters worse, the Chippendale is characterized by good leaf health – an absolute charm offensive for your garden.Edelrose Chippendale

1. Beetrose Orangerie

Only since 2016 has the Beetrose Orangerie is allowed to wear the ADR predicate and is thus a real newcomer among the roses. Nevertheless, the pretty plant already has many admires – no wonder if you take a closer look at the fascinating rose variety. Especially their intense orange, strongly filled flowers are a great eye-catcher, which makes the garden shine. In addition to its nostalgic shape, the pretty plant also convinces with the fact that it is extremely color-stable, weatherproof, and healthy.Beetrose Orangerie

The symbolic meaning of orange roses

Orange is a particularly warm and cozy color – so it’s no wonder that the orange rose varieties stand for exactly these qualities. Orange roses symbolize happiness and enthusiasm, as well as warmth and security, which is why they are ideal for thanking the partner for a fulfilling, happy relationship.

There are also slight differences between the individual color variations: the more intense the apricot tone, the more intense the feelings towards the partner. If, on the other hand, the rose goes more into the peach-colored area, it expresses great gratitude.

You can not get enough roses? No problem – here you will find other great pink rose varieties to fall in love with.

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  1. Looked forward to this list but was very disappointed with the roses chosen. All except for one were more pastel apricot or multi colored instead of a true bright orange. Disapointed only because there were no bright true oranges on this list. How do you have a list of orange roses and not include voodoo or tropicana?

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