Moneymaker Tomato

Moneymaker Tomato: The Plant And Care Variety

The Moneymaker tomato is not only noticeable because of its curious name. We reveal where the Moneymaker tomato comes from and how to grow and properly care for it in the garden. The salad tomato ‘Moneymaker’ fulfills all expectations of a typical tomato fruit: round, red, and tasty, easy to care for, and rich in weight. We present the historical and globally cultivated tomato variety.

Moneymaker tomato: fact sheet

fruit Salad tomato; deep red
taste fruity, sweet, and sour
Ripening time medium early
growth Stick tomato, up to 2 m
Location Greenhouse, protected field, pot

Origin and history of the tomato variety

The name ‘Moneymaker’ roughly means ‘money maker’. The name is no coincidence, as the moneymaker tomato has long been the predominant variety for commercial cultivation in greenhouses around the world. In the USA, a variety called ‘The Money Maker’ was already found in the local variety register in 1894. Other sources name England and 1910 as the place of origin, more precisely the area around Bristol.

The ‘Money Maker’ variety appeared there in 1913 and became the most widely grown variety in England. In the meantime, however, the Moneymaker tomato has largely been replaced by more resistant hybrid varieties. Their positive cultivation properties and good taste are now enriching hobby gardeners all over the world. In horticultural research, the ‘Moneymaker’ is still used today as a standard tomato for a wide variety of experiments with tomato plants.

Moneymaker tomato taste and characteristics

The plants of the ‘Moneymaker’ variety are robust and cold-tolerant, which also makes them interesting for higher altitudes. They can be up to two meters high and form long panicles with up to ten fruits. As they ripen, the tomatoes turn deep red and weigh around 100 grams. The Moneymaker tomato is a medium-early variety and can be harvested from the end of July. The taste of ‘Moneymaker’ can be described as fruity and balanced sweet and sour. The variety is solid and is propagated again from its own seeds.

The fruits of the Moneymaker tomato ripen from the end of July

Planting and caring for Moneymaker tomatoes: tips for outdoors and in pots

As a very robust variety, the ‘Moneymaker’ is particularly suitable for growing tomatoes outdoors. Alternatively, it can also be cultivated in a tub in a warm, sheltered place. Even in cool summers, it is reliable and ample. Rain protection prevents the fruit from bursting open when there is a lot of rainfall or when the water supply is irregular. The Moneymaker tomato can be planted from mid-May. Dig a deep hole with a shovel and place the young plant in it.

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About a third to half of the plant should be sticking out. All leaves that would now disappear underground are removed. Fill the planting hole or a sufficiently large pot with nutrient-rich potting soil. Their high proportion of compost promotes soil life and stimulates the formation of roots in young plants. The nutrients it contains supply the Moneymaker tomato at the beginning of flowering and fruiting.

The Moneymaker tomato should definitely be propped up. Rods made of twisted metal or sticks from hazelnut bushes, for example, are ideal for this. As a salad tomato, the ‘Moneymaker’ can be grown with two to three shots. When prizing the tomatoes, check the leaf axils regularly for excess side shoots. From June onwards, the small fruits begin to grow and the plant needs larger amounts of nutrients and minerals to supply them well.

We, therefore, recommend fertilizing with a primarily organic long-term fertilizer. The granulate is easily incorporated on the surface and kept moist. The fertilizer releases its nutrients gently for plants and soil over a period of two months. This is followed by re-fertilization, which is sufficient until the end of the season.

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Harvest and use tomatoes of the ‘Moneymaker’ variety

The red round fruits of the Moneymaker tomato are best eaten fresh, for example in a salad or with a snack. Of course, they are also suitable for use in soups and sauces. The rich harvest of the ‘Moneymaker’ can also be canned for the winter. We have instructions and recipes for preserving tomatoes.

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