Lawn Fertilizer For Dog Owners: What To Look For?

Many worried dog owners wonder whether lawn fertilizer can be toxic or even dangerous for dogs. We clarify which lawn fertilizer is suitable for dogs and cats and which one is better to stay away from.

Lawn Fertilizer For Dog Owners: What To Look For?

Dogs and cats can be poisoned by some types of lawn manure [Photo: anetapics /]

The variety of lawn fertilizers is enormous: There are mineral or organic lawn fertilizers as well as organic-mineral fertilizers. The latter are divided into animal-based fertilizers and animal-free fertilizers, some of which are organic like our Plantura organic fertilizers. But which of these fertilizers are dangerous for pets and which are harmless?

Which lawn fertilizers are unsuitable for dogs, cats, etc.?

Pet owners should better avoid mineral fertilizers and especially lawn fertilizers with added weed killers. Your four-legged friend could ingest too much of it by specifically nibbling the salty grains from the stalks after fertilizing. Or he has access to the packaging of the fertilizer. Young dogs in particular are often curious and try almost everything. Unfortunately, because of their smaller mass, they can quickly get into danger.

Tip: Do you not only want to protect your pets, but also other creatures that crawl and flee in your garden? Our Plantura organic fertilizers are harmless to humans and animals and enable plants to grow strongly and healthily – with the power of living soil.

Is mineral lawn fertilizer poisonous for dogs and the like?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is: yes! The dog – and also the human – only needs to consume a sufficiently large amount of it. For example, the lethal dose for potassium chloride, a common potassium salt in mineral fertilizers, is around 85 grams for a 30 kilogram dog. That's the equivalent of just six level tablespoons.

Mineral fertilizers mainly contain the elements nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in concentrated salt form. These dissolve in the animal's digestive tract and cause symptoms of poisoning: The mucous membranes in the stomach, intestines and mouth are irritated and the hemoglobin in the blood can be impaired in its function, which can lead to life-threatening oxygen shortages.

Symptoms of poisoning are: excessive salivation, blood in the stool, vomiting, shortness of breath, weakness and cramps

Lawn Fertilizer For Dog Owners: What To Look For?

Mineral lawn fertilizer is also irritating to the skin – it is better to only touch it with gloves [Photo: RossHelen /]

Is lawn fertilizer with weed killer poisonous for dogs and the like?

The same applies to lawn fertilizers with weed killers: it is definitely poisonous for pets and also for humans. The symptoms mentioned above as well as loss of appetite, restlessness or excitement, muscle tremors, difficult coordination or incontinence can also indicate poisoning with pesticides, which are contained in some lawn fertilizers. In the worst case, such poisoning can lead to cardiac arrest.

Which good lawn fertilizer is safe for dogs?

Mainly organic lawn fertilizers are safe for dogs and other animals. Although they also contain nutrient salts, these are packed in organic matter and thus equally diluted. In the case of organic fertilizers based on animals, it should be noted that these are particularly eaten by all carnivorous pets! Blood meal, bone meal and ground slaughterhouse waste smell all too tempting for the four-legged friends and are often eaten. In addition, animal lovers, in particular, cannot really get used to the idea of scattering animal body parts in their garden. For this reason, an animal-free, primarily organic lawn fertilizer is a better choice when dogs and cats roam freely on the lawn.

At Plantura, we only use animal-free, primarily organic fertilizers in organic quality. This is why our mainly organic Plantura organic lawn fertilizer is sustainable, all-round animal-friendly and also ensures healthy soil life and thus the best conditions for the plants growing in it. If you want to make your lawn winter-proof, our Plantura organic autumn lawn fertilizer with an extra portion of potassium ensures a frost-hard lawn.

Extra tips for fertilizing lawns with your dog & Co:

  • Mow the lawn deeply before fertilizing – this way the fertilizer grain falls deep between the stalks and cannot be easily reached by pets.
  • Keep fertilizers out of the reach of animals and children.
  • Use animal-free lawn fertilizer without castor meal: In the event of production errors, this can contain the highly toxic ricin, which is deadly for humans and animals even in small doses.
  • Animal-free, mainly organic fertilizers such as our Plantura organic fertilizers are not only completely harmless for dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs and all other animal favorites. They also revitalize the soil flora and fauna, which results in better plant growth.

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