Laurel: properly watering and fertilizing

In order to be able to harvest the spicy leaves from the laurel, it has to be looked after. Here you can find out what to watch out for when watering and fertilizing.

Laurel: properly watering and fertilizing

Proper care of the bay leaves a strong plant [Photo: DSGNSR1 /]

Pour the laurel properly

When pouring the real laurel ( Laurus nobilis ), it is important to find mediocrity. Originally native to the Middle East, the shrub likes it neither too wet nor too dry. But its water requirement is very high, especially in summer. With a sheltered location, this can at least be reduced a little. However, repeated watering may be necessary in prolonged, hot periods. However, there are alternatives in terms of watering behavior: Either you water a little every day – the permanent wetness does not please the sensitive, fine roots – or it is watered up to twice a week, but very vigorously. In addition, you should only water with rainwater. This is because the roots are sensitive to salt and rainwater usually has a lower salt content than groundwater or spring water.

Fertilize bay leaves properly

As demanding as the spice laurel appears in terms of watering, it is just as undemanding when it comes to fertilizing. There is simply no need to fertilize it. Even if it cannot be grown outdoors due to the cold winter temperatures that prevail almost everywhere in Germany, you do not have to worry about fertilizing the bay leaf. Just do the shrub a favor and pot it about every two years in a larger container with fresh, fertilized substrate such as our Plantura organic universal soil. The fresh soil is sufficient for the next time to supply the plant with nutrients. By the way, yellow leaves are usually not a sign of a lack of nutrients, but rather to an irregular and too dry watering behavior.

With the right care, the foundation for a rich and aromatic harvest is laid. In our special article you will learn how to harvest, store and use bay leaves.

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