hoya krimson queen vs princess

Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess

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The Hoya plant or hoya genus is part of a family of tropical plants. Both the krimson queen and the princess are beautiful additions to your home.

Hoya Krimson Queen and Hoya Krimson Princess are a lot alike. They are from the same genus and have many of the same needs. The Hoya genus represents hundreds of species of plants.

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Where was the Hoya genus found?

Hoya plants originate from tropical areas of Asia and Australia, including India, Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia. They are easy to maintain even for a beginner gardener.

What species do the Hoya Krimson Queen and Hoya Krimson Princess belong to?

These plants are part of a species called hoya carnosa that has waxy leaves. They are also called wax plants because of this.

Mutations caused changes in the species

Mutations caused these two wax plants to have different appearances. Their main colors are the same but they are in different places on the leaves.

What does the Hoya Krimson Queen look like?

The Hoya Krimson Queen leaves have a creamy white border on the edges of the leaves. The middle of the leaves is a darker green color than the krimson princess leaves. The Hoya Krimson Queen leaves sometimes have pink edges.

hoya krimson queen vs princess

Does the queen have waxy leaves?

Yes, this plant has waxy leaves but they are not as waxy as the princess leaves.

What are Hoya Krimson Princess leaves like?

The krimson princess has leaves that are the opposite color of the Hoya Krimson Queens. It has green borderlines and creamy white markings or centers. This plant also has a pink stem.

indirect light hoya krimsoon queen vs princess

How are the two plants alike?

Here are some facts about both plants that show how they are a lot alike:

  • Both plants are vines that climb. They are great for hanging pots.
  • The temperature of most homes is between 65 degrees and 85 degrees, the preferred temperature of the hoya carnosa.
  • Both plants can grow several feet long.
  • Both plants grow flowers under certain conditions.

What’s the difference between krimson queen and princess?

The queen’s leaves are different from the leaves of the princess in these ways:

  • The krimson queen has slightly larger leaves that are thinner than those of the krimson princess.
  • The leaves on the krimson queen have more texture and are not as waxy as the leaves of the princess.

Do both produce flowers?

Both hoyas are able to flower, but when they’re grown as indoor plants this does not always happen. They both have star-shaped flowers with a fuzzy appearance.

The appearance of Hoya Krimson Queen flowers

The Hoya Krimson Queen has a light pink flower and brown stems.

The middle of it is also pink.

The princess has a reddish pink flower with red middles and pink stems.

What kind of flowers does the princess have?

The Hoya Krimson Princess flowers have bright red centers and are delicate and beautiful.

How long do hoya plants grow?

The Hoya Krimson Queen is very hardy and grows bigger than the princess. This plant can grow 7′ long indoors. Only wild plants grow to be 25′ outdoors.

The princess only grows to 4′ indoors and 15-18′ outdoors in the wild.

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Is the hoya princess rare?

The princess is not rare. You can purchase it in garden stores, big box stores, and online.

A full-grown princess may be considered rare because it was grown to full size. A flowering princess is also sometimes considered rare because their flowering season is only every 2-3 years.

Is hoya tricolor the same as Krimson Princess?

The Hoya Krimson Princess is sometimes called hoya tricolor. It can be referred to by either name.

The princess can have the 3 colors green, white, and pink.

Is the Hoya Krimson Queen tricolored?

Yes, the Hoya Krimson Queen also grows pink leaves at times.

The krimson queen is also called the hoya tricolor, so this name can refer to either the queen or the princess.

hoya krimson queen

What kind of stem does the krimson queen have?

The krimson queen has a light brown stem color. This is another way to differentiate it from the krimson princess.

Is it difficult to get the wax plant to thrive

No, the hoya carnosa is easy to care for even if you are a beginner. The krimson queen and princess need only basic care including water and indirect sunlight.

hoya queen with pink leaves

What kind of soil do the krimson queen and princess need?

Both the krimson queen and the princess need well-draining soil that’s loose. If your potting soil is not loose, add some perlite or orchid bark to improve its aeration. Peat moss will help it hold water if your plant seems to dry out quickly.

How to avoid root rot

Loose soil provides good drainage, and this can prevent root rot in both krimson queen and princess. Another way to avoid this disease is to not over water your krimson queen and princess.

You can add orchid bark to the plant’s potting soil to help it drain better.

Water requirements for the hoya carnosa

The Hoya Krimson Queen and Princess have different watering requirements. We will explain Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess watering below:

Krimson Queen

The Hoya Krimson Queen needs to be watered more often than the princess. The Hoya Krimson Queen’s leaves do not hold as much water as the thicker leaves of the princess.

The Hoya Krimson Queen should be watered about every 7 days.

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What if my Hoya Krimson Queen leaves and soil feel dry in between waterings?

It may need 2 waterings per week if the soil is dry. You may want to put some peat moss on your queen to help it hold moisture.

hoya krimson queen

Krimson Princess

As stated above, the Hoya Krimson Princess has a thick leaf structure. Its leaves hold more water and the plant does not dry out quickly.

Watering krimson princess should be done about every 7 days.

Is there such a thing as under-watering the hoya plants?

Yes, Hoya Krimson Queen and Princess leaves may change leaf shape and color if it does not receive as much water as necessary. Remember that the carnosa krimson queen has thinner leaves than the Princess.

The thin leaves composition of the Krimson Queen means that it needs to be watered a bit more than the Princess.

Can it be over-watered?

Yes, these hoya plants can develop root rot if they receive too much water. This happens when the soil does not dry out between waterings or if you do not use well-draining soil.

This plant would rather be under-watered than over-watered.

Be sure that your hoya genus is in a pot with adequate drainage holes

You can avoid root rot in your indoor plants by not watering too often. The other way is to place your hoya carnosa in a pot with large drainage holes in the bottom.

Some people put small rocks or pebbles on the bottom of the pot. This also helps the plant to drain well.

What type of lighting should my Hoya Krimson Queen and Hoya Krimson Princess have?

The krimson queen and princess have slightly different lighting needs. Both need 8-10 hours of indirect sunlight. You can supplement the light with a grow light for your krimson queen and princess.

hoya krimson queen 4

Where should I place my krimson queen and krimson princess plants?

Your hoya plants do not like direct sunlight, so do not place them on a windowsill. Instead, they will do better if you place them in a spot with indirect sunlight.

This can be on a table or plant stand 3-4 feet away from the window. An east-facing window will provide the indirect light that the hoya needs.

Does the Hoya Krimson Princess need more sunlight than the hoya krimson queen?

Yes. There is less chlorophyll in the leaves of the princess than in the krimson queen. Because the hoya princess has lighter green pigment, it can not make as much food as if it had darker leaves.

Placing your hoya carnosa krimson princess in additional light each week will help it to undergo photosynthesis and therefore make more food.

It is also important to be sure that your plant gets enough indirect sunlight from an east-facing window.

Do the krimson queen and krimson princess need fertilizer?

Although the krimson queen and krimson princess do not absolutely need fertilizer, it is helpful to fertilize both plants in the growing season of spring and summer.

Fertilization may encourage flower growth and provide ingredients that stimulate the krimson queen and princess to become their best.

Organic fertilizer is best and can be diluted to half-strength. The krimson queen and krimson princess should be fertilized 1 time per month in the spring and summer.

Too much fertilizer can harm your plant’s roots and leaves.

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Do the Hoya Krimson Queen and Princess grow differently?

The queen is hardy and grows up to 7′ in your indoor garden.

Growth rates are not the same in krimson queen vs the princess. The krimson princess grows much slower and only reaches an indoor length of 4′.

Why is the krimson princess a slower grower than the Hoya Krimson Queen?

The princess cannot make as much food for growth as the krimson queen. The krimson princess leaves are not like the darker green leaves of the krimson queen.

Dark green leaves show that the queen has abundant chlorophyll, the ingredient needed for photosynthesis or for making food.

The carnosa krimson princess doesn’t grow as much because it doesn’t get as much chlorophyll in its light green or white leaves.

princess hanging outdoors in indirect light

How can I help my hoya carnosa princess plant get enough light?

If your princess plant is not growing or shows signs of not having enough light, you can leave it in bright indirect light for a few more hours each day. This may stimulate more growth.

Can I use artificial light on my plants?

Yes, a grow light is good for the additional lighting needs of the princess.

Are both krimson queen and krimson princess good to use as ornamental plants?

Yes, both krimson queen and krimson princess are beautiful indoor plants. They look especially good in a hanging planter that emphasizes the beauty of the vines.

Can I plant my krimson queen and krimson princess outdoors?

Yes, both hoyas can be planted outdoors. The two plants do very well in warm weather as long as they do not get direct sunlight.

They should have bright indirect light, so place them in a corner or another shaded area.

Your hoya carnosa krimson queen and princess can thrive outside in the warm flowering season.

Which plant is better?

The Hoya Krimson Queen vs the Hoya Krimson Princess is really a matter of your personal preference. They both add beauty to your home and have a lot in common since they originate from the same hoya genus.

Do the hoya plants need high or low humidity?

Since both the Hoya Krimson Queen and Krimson Princess are tropical plants, they thrive in humid rooms. Consider a humidifier for the room with your Hoya Krimson Queen or Princess.

A humidifier is especially important in cold or dry environments.

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How often should I prune my krimson queen and krimson princess?

The Hoya Krimson Queen and princess do not need regular pruning. In fact, if you prune them, there is little chance that they will have new growth.

Are there any other ways to tell krimson queen leaves from krimsom princess leaves other than the colors?

Krimson queen leaves are thinner and not as waxy as princess leaves. They are also larger.

Krimson queen leaves sometimes have bold dark green patterns in the middle and they have creamy white or pink borders.

The coloring of the leaves is still the best way to tell the plants apart.

princess ontop hoya krimson queen bottom

How often should I repot my hoya carnosa plant?

The wax plant or hoya genus does not like to be repotted. It is the type of plant that thrives in its original pot.

Repotting the Hoya Krimson Queen or the krimson princess should only be done when absolutely necessary. This could be when your plant has grown a lot and needs a larger pot.

It is best to only go up one pot size rather than 3 or 4 pot sizes. Always use fresh soil when repotting your hoya.

Do all types of hoya carnosa krimson queen plants or krimson princess plants look alike to other people?

At first glance, the plants may all look so similar that they are difficult to tell apart. By carefully examining the hoya variegata and color patterns, you can tell the krimson queen from the princess.

You can also tell the differences between individual plants. A group of plants may all be queens or all be princesses, but each plant is somewhat unique.

Many people think that all krimson queen leaves look alike, but this is not true. Some plants have solid creamy white or pink leaves while others have only white borders. Green variegation is also different and unique.

The green edges of the krimson princess and their green borderlines with pinkish stem color vary from plant to plant.

Is there an easy way to remember which plant is a krimson queen and which is a krimson princess?

Yes, there is an easy way that is related to their borders. The saying goes that the queen wears her crown on the edges like a silver crown.

The princess wears her white as a gown like the white middle in her leaves.

These tips may help you remember which plant has white leaf edges and which plant has white leaf centers.

Is it really necessary to know a krimson queen from a princess?

Yes, it’s important to know the kind of plant that you have. The two plants have a lot in common, but they also have different needs.

They require different amounts of water and light. You can give your plant the right care if you know which plant you have.

How are their requirements for water different?

There are some variations between the krimson queen vs princess when it comes to the amount of water they need.

Krimson queens need a bit more water than the princess because they dry out quicker than the princess.

Are there any other needs that are different?

Yes, the Hoya Krimson Princess has white leaf centers. This indicates that it has less chlorophyll than the Hoya Krimson Queen.

Bring chlorophyll levels up

You can place the Hoya Krimson Princess in indirect sunlight or artificial light to raise chlorophyll levels.

This will allow the Hoya Krimson Princess to have enough nutrients that it needs.

Do hoya plants get diseases or pests?

The Hoya Krimson Queen and Hoya Krimson Princess can both have infestations of pests. Spider mites and mealybugs can attack your plants without your knowledge.

What are the signs of spider mites?

The most obvious signs of an invasion of these pests are small brown marks on the leaf’s underside.

These marks are from the mites piercing the leaf veins to drink juice from the hoya.

How can I treat a mite invasion?

The underside of the leaves can be washed off with water if there are only a few of them.

What is the best way to treat a large invasion of mites?

It takes more work if your Hoya Krimson Queen or Hoya Krimson Princess has a lot of mites on them.

Wash off the mites with insecticidal soap or apply neem oil or horticultural oil. This should stop the infestation in time.

What is a mealybug infestation?

Mealybugs are small white bugs that leave cotton-like fuzzy balls on your plant. You can see the bugs by carefully looking at these balls.

These pests can harm your Hoya Krimson Queen and Hoya Krimson Princess leaves and take their water by sucking it out.

How do I treat a mealybugs?

Remove the cotton balls and the mealybugs from your Hoya Krimson Queen or Hoya Krimson Princess with a piece of tissue soaked in alcohol.

Are there other ways to treat these pests?

Yes, you can isolate them from your other plants. Spray them with neem oil purchased at your garden store each evening.

Things to watch for in your plants

When you bring a new plant into your home and add it to your indoor garden, you need to always check the leaves of the plant for mites.

These pests easily spread from plant to plant.


The Hoya Krimson Queen and Hoya Krimson Princess are lovely additions to your garden. They thrive with little care other than water and light. Your most difficult job is to decide between the Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess plant.

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