How to dry hydrangeas: instructions for using dried hydrangeas as decoration

If you want to preserve the beautiful flowers of your hydrangea, you will find various instructions here for dried hydrangeas as a great decorative element.

The impressive flowers of hydrangea (Hydrangea) can be preserved and serve as a great decorative element. When dry, the decorative flowers become permanent companions in the home – even in the months outside the hydrangea season. In the following, we present three different ways to preserve hydrangeas.

Drying hydrangeas properly

The flowers must be harvested in full splendor and before the onset of wilting. Make sure that the shoot from which you are harvesting the flower is unlikely to have any flower in the following year. The deeper you cut the shoot, the less likely it will bloom in the next year. In the next few paragraphs, you will find three different tips on how to best dry hydrangea flowers from your own garden.

Method 1: let hydrangeas die of thirst

The flowers of the hydrangeas can simply be dried by dehydration and thus made durable forever. Initially, the cut flower is placed in a vase with water, but it is no longer taken care of in the following. The flowers dry up and keep their stable, rounded shape. The disadvantage of this form of drying is that the flowers lose their color and, as a result, turn brown.

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Method 2: air dry hydrangeas

Even if the flowers have already lost their color on the plant and the process of withering is in full swing, they can still be saved for a lifetime. The shoots are cut off and the leaves are removed. The flowers are then hung upside down to air dry in the dryest possible place. Unfortunately, even with this method, the flowers lose a large part of their strong colors.

How to dry hydrangeas: instructions for using dried hydrangeas as decoration

Method 3: dry hydrangeas with glycerin

If you want to completely preserve the color of the hydrangea flowers, the following method is for you. If the hydrangea blossoms are watered with a glycerine solution after the harvest, this ensures that the blossoms retain their color during the drying process and shine brightly as a decoration for up to three more years. The glycerin solution should consist of two parts water and one part of the alcohol glycerin.

To harvest particularly magnificent hydrangea blossoms at all, the plant must be properly supplied with nutrients. Organic hydrangea fertilizer is optimally tailored to the needs of the hydrangeas and thus ensures a true bloom.

So that you can harvest and dry particularly magnificent hydrangea blossoms, we have summarized everything for you in this article about the correct care of hydrangeas.

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