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Sorrento Lemon: Traditionally Grown And Extremely Aromatic

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At first glance, the Sorrento lemon seems like an ordinary lemon. We’ll show you what’s really in this aroma wonder.

The Sorrento lemon is a medium-sized to large lemon, the fruits of which have an intense fragrance and sweet and juicy flesh. It comes from the city of Sorrento (Italian: Sorrento) south of Naples, where citrus fruits have been grown for over 2000 years and which is well known for its historic orange and lemon gardens. The “Limone die Sorrento” was awarded the PGI seal of approval by the European Community. This “Protected Geographical Indication ” (PGI) seal of quality and origin is only given to Sorrento lemons that are exclusively grown within the city limits of Sorrento using traditional cultivation methods. Due to the high demand and the low supply, the aromatic lemons have to be ordered in advance before the harvest.

Cultivation and properties of the Sorrento lemon

The fruits are grown in lemon groves called tagliatelle. For this purpose, shading mats (mostly made of reed) are placed on wooden stakes. Below this traditional construction, lemons and oranges thrive in Sorrento. This type of cultivation not only protects the lemon tree from temperature fluctuations and weather but also extends the ripening time of the Sorrento lemons. This gives the fruits more time to develop their unmistakable aroma. In the old days, it was a practical advantage for farmers that the fruit had to be harvested at an unusual time. Due to the lack of alternatives, the Sorrento lemons could be marketed very well.

Sorrento Lemon: Traditionally Grown & Extremely Aromatic

The fruits are still harvested by hand. At temperatures between 5 and 8 ° C and high relative humidity, the Sorrento lemon can only be stored for five weeks, which makes it a seasonal treasure.

Ingredients And Uses of Sorrento Lemon

The pulp of the Sorrento lemon is rich in vitamin C and thus naturally strengthens the immune system. In addition, its ingredients have a detoxifying and cleansing effect. Lemon is also said to have a positive effect on high blood pressure.

Sorrento Lemon: Traditionally Grown & Extremely Aromatic

The best-known is probably the limoncello made from the Sorrento lemon, a sweet lemon liqueur that many people have probably already tried on holiday in Italy. The lemon can also be prepared as a carpaccio. The thoroughly grown peel is cut into thin slices and refined with a little salt, a pinch of sugar, and plenty of extra virgin olive oil.

Sorrento Lemon: Traditionally Grown & Extremely Aromatic

In southern Italy, pappardelle-type pasta is eaten in a recipe with ricotta and fine zest of Sorrento lemon peel. Most of the time, prawns or grilled pork tenderloin are served with pappardelle on charcoal.

Conchiglie al Limone di Sorrento is the name given to the shell-shaped pasta with a sauce made from well-ripened pecorino cheese, ricotta, and olive oil. Just before serving, fresh basil and the grated zest of the Sorrento lemon are added.

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