Eggplant varieties: overview of new, tried and tested & resistant varieties

We show tried and tested and new varieties of aubergine. Eggplant seeds and seeds can be easily ordered on the Internet.

Eggplant varieties: overview of new, tried and tested & resistant varieties

There is a large number of different types of aubergine that differ greatly in appearance [Photo: JA Johnson /]

Eggplant varieties: different colors, sizes and shapes

Before going into the varieties of eggplant, one should take a look at the varieties of eggplant. Three in particular are of economic importance:

  • Solanum melongena esculentum : Eggplant type with elongated, oval fruits. In technical jargon one speaks of a club-shaped shape. The aubergines available from us come almost exclusively from the esculetum variety.
  • Solanum melongena serpentinum : variety of aubergine with smaller and egg-shaped fruits. These resemble eggs, which is probably the reason for the English term eggplant.
  • Solanum melongena depressum : A particularly popular variety in Asia with very small fruits. These are also available from us in well-stocked Asian stores.

If you want to buy eggplant seeds, you should decide very early on. Eggplants must be brought forward and then be left in a correspondingly sunny position. Otherwise the fruits will not ripen. Alternatively, you can also obtain pre-grown plants from the nursery.

Eggplant varieties: overview of new, tried and tested & resistant varieties

Some eggplant varieties are not egg-shaped, but rather elongated [Photo: 1981 Rustic Studio kan /]

The best varieties of eggplant

Eggplant seeds should be bought from a specialist dealer on the Internet. In addition to the shape given by the variety, the aubergine varieties also differ in size, color, yield and time of ripening. Some popular varieties are:

  • Adria (F1) : Newer variety with club-shaped, dark purple fruits; good aroma.
  • Anet (F1) : Classic eggplant look with club-shaped, dark purple to black fruits; particularly warmth-loving and ideally suited for cultivation in polytunnels or tomato houses.
  • Bellezza Nera : roundish aubergine variety with dark purple skin; Due to the large diameter of the fruit, the “black beauty” can be cut into slices and fried very well.
  • Bianca: Traditional aubergine from Italy with round, slightly furrowed fruits; depending on the intensity of the sunlight, the fruits turn light purple-white; excellent taste.

Tip : The so-called egg tree also carries white eggplants, the egg fruits. You can find out what the rarity is all about in our special article on the egg tree.

Eggplant varieties: overview of new, tried and tested & resistant varieties

White eggplants are a special eye-catcher in the garden [Photo: AJCespedes /]

  • Black Beauty: Proven variety with a classic look; dark purple club-shaped fruits; good yield and fine aroma.
  • Casper : Club-shaped aubergine variety with a conspicuously white skin; particularly tender and fine pulp.
  • Galine (F1) : Modern variety with very rounded “legs”, deep purple color and a good taste.
  • Irene (F1) : Modern Italian variety with round-oval, large fruits that are deep purple to black; very good taste.
  • Luiza : variety with club-shaped, black fruits; high fruit weight.
  • Money Maker (F1) : Modern variety, especially popular in hobby cultivation; precocious and productive; very elongated, dark purple fruits; requires less heat than other varieties.

Eggplant varieties: overview of new, tried and tested & resistant varieties

The eggplants of the 'Money Maker' variety stand out with their dark coloring [Photo: Peter Turner Photography /]

  • Ophelia (F1) : cultivation which, due to its compact growth, is particularly suitable for cultivation on the balcony or terrace; smaller, club-shaped and purple-colored fruits with a very good taste; very rich.
  • Pingtung Long : Very elongated eggplant variety from Taiwan; very high yield and great taste.
  • Pinstripe (F1) : Modern cultivation for cultivation in pots; the very small-fruited variety produces white-purple fruits with an excellent aroma.

Eggplant varieties: overview of new, tried and tested & resistant varieties

The 'Pinstripe' variety is not only visually appealing, it also tastes great [Photo: Peter Turner Photography /]

  • Prosperosa : traditional variety from Italy with spherical, deep purple (with a white border on the sepals) fruits; great taste.
  • Rania (F1) : Eggplant variety with a striking appearance: the fruits are striped light purple-white; good taste.
  • Violette de Firenze : white-light purple round fruits; traditional variety from northern Italy with medium heat requirements.

Tip : In order for the aubergine variety of your choice to produce a rich harvest, it should be supplied with sufficient nutrients. A primarily organic long-term fertilizer such as our Plantura organic tomato fertilizer is ideally suited for this.

Now that you've decided on a variety of eggplant, it's time for the next step: planting. We provide you with important tips and tricks for growing aubergines.

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