do coffee grounds keep squirrels away

Do Coffee Grounds Keep Squirrels Away?

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There is no denying the importance of squirrels to the ecosystem. According to a recent study by Robert McCleery, these cute furry creatures are critical for plant composition, and they bury seeds and nuts. These processes help to increase the number of tree species and expand forests and woodlands. While they are nature’s gardeners, these little creatures can be devastating when they begin nosing around your backyard. Therefore, you need coffee grounds to keep squirrels away. The million-dollar question is, do coffee grounds keep squirrels away?

do coffee grounds keep squirrels away

What Are Coffee Grounds?

Before understanding how to use coffee grounds, it is critical to understand what they are. These grounds are what remain after the coffee brewing process. They are easy to recycle, and they have several uses. As a byproduct of the brewing process, coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer and act as a repellent for insects and pests such as locusts and squirrels. You can also use these grounds to clean stained and greasy pans. Lastly, coffee grounds can also be placed in compost bins to eliminate the pungent smell caused by waste decomposition. There are several other ways to use coffee grounds, but the most critical is repelling squirrels from your garden.

Identifying Squirrel Damage

Like most rodents, squirrels have an annoying habit of chewing on everything they see. These little decoy predators chew on wires and even furniture. A few squirrels can ravage your garden and ruin your harvest in a matter of weeks. The easiest way to identify a squirrel problem is to locate chew marks on the side of your home, outside furniture, insulation, and plastic piping. Also, look for chew marks on utility lines and wiring around the house.

The primary reason a squirrel will end up in your home is to look for food. They can smell up to 10 feet away and have excellent eyesight. They can see and smell leftover food. In most cases, a squirrel is attracted to a home with a vegetable garden. The signs will be dug up and partially eaten plants. Another sign is gnawed furniture. Squirrels are curious animals and sometimes chew through things around the home for no reason.

Do Coffee Grounds Keep Away Squirrels?

Do coffee grounds keep squirrels away? The short answer is yes. Coffee grounds present an easy and humane solution for repelling most insects and pests. Squirrels infesting your garden can have a devastating effect. Squirrels are notorious for eating anything they can get their hands on. These thieving little creatures may seem cute, but just one squirrel can level your garden in a matter of weeks. Coffee grounds have an intense smell that repels squirrels and keeps them at bay.

How Coffee Grounds Work

Coffee grounds act as a natural pesticide and insecticide. It repels pesky creatures and helps to maintain soil health. These utility grounds are disposed of by most homeowners who have no idea how critical they are for garden health. Squirrels can wreak havoc in your garden. So, do coffee grounds keep squirrels away?

how do coffee groudns work

Using coffee grounds is an effective and humane alternative to setting traps or using pesticides. How do they work?

As mentioned earlier, squirrels have an acute, highly evolved sense of smell. According to a study on the LifeCurious Website, a squirrel’s olfactory system is several times more advanced than a human’s. Coffee grounds have a strong smell that most insects and squirrels hate. It has a smell similar to hot pepper flakes. This helps to deter squirrels from damaging your vegetable garden. Coffee grounds also make the texture of the area more abrasive. It prevents pests from crossing into your home or invading your bird feeders.

The caffeine contained in coffee grounds also acts as a natural pesticide. It is produced by the coffee plant to protect plants against predatory insects and pests. When attacked by predators, the plant increases the production of caffeine, sometimes enough to kill the predator. Fresh coffee grounds apply the same principle when sprinkled in the garden. Caffeine and Theobromine are toxic to squirrels. This is the primary reason squirrels dislike gardens and bird feeders with coffee grounds.

Ground coffee helps gardeners transition from toxic chemical compounds to more reliable and safer organic solutions. The caffeine contained in coffee grounds has evolved enough to paralyze and kill bugs and pests that chew on them. The primary deterrent is the strong smell that acts as an artificial squirrel repellent. According to a study by Distilled Thoughts, a 2% caffeine concentration in the soil can repel most insects and pests, including slugs and frogs. This percentage is sufficient to deter pests and low enough to prevent soil and plant damage.

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How to Use Coffee Grounds

The concentration when spreading coffee grounds will depend on the specific insect or pest you are dealing with. A 1/2 layer of coffee grounds is enough to repel most pests; however, it is advisable to use a one-inch layer to be safe. Weather conditions such as rain, wind, or snow reduce the efficiency of coffee grounds, so you will need to replace them frequently to ensure the pests stay away. Experts advise you to add coffee grounds to your garden and bird feeders at least once a week to keep squirrels away and attract birds.

how to use coffee grounds

You can increase the effectiveness if you spread coffee grounds in other areas around your home, including potted plants and places where squirrels can access your home. Evaluate the parts where squirrels are likely to cause the most damage and sprinkle the coffee grounds. Coffee grounds deter squirrels from damaging property. Make sure you put these grounds at a safe distance from your home. They are potentially toxic to small pets, so ensure your garden is gated. Apply coffee grounds on target areas to keep squirrels away.

Squirrels are natural scavengers and are known to search for food in compost piles. Consider sprinkling some coffee grounds in your heap refuse to deter squirrels from ravaging your compost. Ensure you use ½ an inch to maintain the compost PH level. Squirrels hate areas sprinkled with coffee grounds. Sprinkle grounds in several areas to keep squirrels at bay. Using too much will increase the acidity and make your compost pile less effective as a fertilizer. It does not matter whether you use fresh or used coffee grounds. Both have a similar level of efficacy and have the same results. The brand of coffee you use matters, however. The smell intensity directly impacts the efficiency of the coffee grounds to repel squirrels.

Disclaimer: Although coffee grounds benefit most plants, some do not thrive on acidic soils. Varieties of orchids and lavender will die when you increase soil acidity. It is critical to seek professional advice before using a coffee ground in your garden. Small amounts of coffee grounds keep not only squirrels at bay just as effectively.

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Best Coffee Grounds to Use

All types of coffee grounds generally serve the same purpose. Squirrels require a more intense smell to keep them away from your garden. There is no need to brew a fresh pot when you need to deter squirrels from damaging your property. Note that some coffee grounds differ in terms of smell intensity. The purpose of use will determine the type of grounds you choose. While old coffee grounds work as well as new ones, they have lower scent intensity. The older they get, the more they lose their potency. A used coffee ground can also breed mildew, mold, and other compounds detrimental to your garden. Local coffee shops usually give out grounds for free. You can get a weekly supply at no cost. It is more convenient if you drink coffee. Regular and decaf coffee grounds work the same and are just as effective. Used coffee grounds should not be more than a month old.

Why Choose Coffee Grounds?

Coffee grounds smell good and are a natural, environmentally friendly solution for all your insect problems and other animals. Unlike other chemical pesticides, these grounds are non-toxic and serve as a slow-acting fertilizer. Coffee grounds bad quantities attract water from the soil and help to nourish the plants around them. They are safe, reliable, and highly effective to repel squirrels from vegetable gardens and bird feeder. Coffee grounds keep squirrels away.

Coffee grounds are also cheap, easily accessible, and act as artificial squirrel repellents. You can get a constant supply from your local coffee shop for free or at a low cost. If you are a regular coffee drinker, you can fish for these grounds from your coffee maker for free. You probably have some in your garbage bag already. Coffee grounds also have a pleasant smell. It functions as a natural air freshener that smells like cayenne pepper. This is an excellent perk for a regular coffee drinker.

Coffee grounds also work as a slow-acting fertilizer. It is organic and effective and nourishes plants in your garden. This compound also repels most insects and other animals and ensures your flowering plants stay healthy and predator free. It also contains active nutrients, such as potassium, phosphorous, and potassium. These are some of the critical compounds required by most plants to grow. The increased soil acidity caused by coffee grounds benefits acid-loving plants such as blueberries, roses, and several flowering plants. It helps to protect your green space and is effective if you have a squirrel infestation.

Coffee grounds have several other benefits in your home. The abrasiveness makes them an excellent cleaning scrub for the home. You can use them to eliminate grime and grease from utensils. A recent study by Healthline found that consuming coffee grounds increased blood cholesterol by 26 points. This study, however, cautioned against consuming large amounts and doing it frequently.

Leftover coffee grounds also contain antioxidants that fight against under-eye circles, skin aging, and cellulite. These grounds have several benefits that are helpful to humans and plants.

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Coffee Grounds Pitfalls

Despite the benefits, coffee grounds have some disadvantages.

  • Using coffee grounds is tedious because it has to be done regularly. Collecting and sprinkling them often is tasking for many people. It is necessary if you have an insect and pest problem. Note although it is a squirrel deterrent, it sometimes doesn’t work on other pests.
  • Coffee grounds frequently harm to small pets. Using them in high quantities may be devastating to cats and small dogs. Therefore, it is advisable to evaluate the intensity of the smell before using it. While keeping squirrels away, they also negatively affect other animals.
  • Coffee grounds increase soil acidity and may be dangerous to some varieties of plants. Ensure you research which plants thrive in acidic soil before using this compound. Also, evaluate which garden soil will benefit from this practice.

Bottom Line

Coffee grounds provide an organic solution to all your insect and pest problems. If you have a recurring pest problem, these grounds will give you an effective and pocket-friendly solution. It is even better if your household drinks coffee.  It repels insects and other annoying animals. It helps by keeping squirrels away.

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