Cutting tree roses: what to watch out for?

For tree roses to keep their compact growth shape, they have to be pruned correctly. We show how to proceed correctly when pruning tree roses.

Are you bored of roses ( pink ) in bush or trellis form? A special eye-catcher for the garden is so-called standard roses. These take up little space and still impress with many flowers. Most roses, however, do not naturally form a stem. For this purpose, suitable varieties must be selected and grafted on specially grown wild rose shoots. Only a regular cut will ensure that the shape of the crown is retained and the rose blooms magnificently. We have summarized for you all the important aspects that need to be considered in this article.

When should tree roses be cut?

The best time to prune roses is in early spring (March / April), when the forsythias ( Forsythia × intermedia ) are in bloom and the stem roses have not yet started to sprout. Then no more heavy frosts should be expected, which could damage the plant after pruning.

Cutting tree roses: the right approach

You should cut back all young side shoots of the stem roses to around four eyes. The cut should always be made at an angle over an outwardly growing bud. It is best to use sharp secateurs for this so that the cut is as smooth as possible. Further incision measures can help to preserve the crown. However, do not cut all the shoots to one height, as this will look unnatural.

Cutting tree roses: what to watch out for?

You should also cut out broken, thin, and crossing shoots. Make sure that the crown is loosely built because this allows enough light and air to get inside to prevent diseases. If you leave too many shoots in the case of varieties that bloom more often, this can also result in the rose only forming short shoots with weak flowers.

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The opposite is the case with cascade roses, in which vigorous climbing roses are grafted onto the trunks. These can only be cut back slightly. With these varieties, only shorten the shoots that have become too long and, if necessary, remove some older shoots to encourage new growth.

Summarypruning stem roses:

  1. Cut stem roses in spring (March / April)
  2. Use sharp tools
  3. Always cut above an outward-facing bud
  4. Shorten young side shoots to four eyes
  5. Pay attention to a loose crown build-up
  6. Take special variety characteristics into account

Do you feel like having your own standard rose? You can find an overview of beautiful tree rose varieties in our special article. You can also find more information about the correct rose pruning here.

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