Broccoli Varieties: tried and tested, new and high-yielding varieties at a glance

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There are many different types of broccoli: We show the most important, tried and tested and new types. Good seeds can easily be ordered on the Internet.

Broccoli varieties: tried and tested, new and high-yielding varieties at a glance

There are several different types of broccoli [Photo: Doidam 10 /]

The numerous varieties of broccoli differ mainly in appearance, size, origin and harvest time. The green vegetables are easy to grow and harvest in your own garden.

When buying seeds, one should pay attention to the respective properties. There are earlier and later varieties. There are also so-called sprouting varieties that overwinter outdoors. In early spring these form many smaller flowers: a wonderful spring vegetable!

Broccoli varieties: tried and tested, new and high-yielding varieties at a glance

Purple broccoli is becoming more and more fashionable [Photo: anna.q /]

In the following we have put together a few well-known and proven varieties that thrive well in our latitudes:

  • Belstar (F1): very productive; large broccoli heads with side shoots; very easy to care for; is also used for commercial cultivation.
  • Calabrese: well-tried, Italian variety; many small flowers, but also larger ones; makes plenty of side shoots; consistently good yield.
  • Calinaro: compact broccoli with a great taste; good for hobby cultivation; big heads.
  • Cezar: conspicuous blue-greenish colored variety; quite large heads form on the main shoot.
  • Kabuki (F1): variety that does not grow too large; early maturity; well suited for cultivation on the terrace or balcony; the side shoots form a few smaller heads.
  • Marathon (F1): sought-after variety with good yields; slightly smaller, compact heads; as soon as the main shoot has been harvested, smaller heads can be regularly harvested a little later on the side shoots.
  • Parthenon (F1): good growing variety with high yields; grows well in cooler areas and produces a good harvest; fairly compact broccoli heads; also used in commercial cultivation.
  • Rosalind: well-tried variety for connoisseurs; red-purple heads; the variety is very prone to branching; brings consistently good crop yields for weeks.
  • Santee (F1): numerous stems with purple heads; the Santee variety delivers consistently good yields due to the numerous branches.
  • Summer Purple: this sprout broccoli variety has hardly any claims; best recommended for newbies to broccoli growing; tends to branch; forms delicious purple heads.

Now that you know the different types of broccoli, the next step is to grow it. In our special article we provide you with valuable tips on planting broccoli.

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