Bouquet Rose Varieties: 20 Most Beautiful For Your Garden

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The low-growing bed roses are particularly popular in smaller gardens. We are introducing you to the 20 most popular and most beautiful varieties of bed roses.

If you are looking for beautiful roses ( pink ) for your garden bed, you have come to the right place with bed roses. This large group includes many different varieties in all imaginable colors and shapes. What they all have in common, however, is their rather low, compact growth, which also makes them the ideal plant for smaller gardens. For the floribunda to get along well outdoors, plant breeding has placed great emphasis on heat tolerance, rain resistance, and winter hardiness in recent decades. However, some varieties are also characterized by their ability to flower or their good leaf health. Thus, a suitable rose is guaranteed to be found for every location.

What exactly distinguishes bed roses from other groups of roses and the characteristics of the individual varieties is explained below. We will also introduce you to our floribunda favorites for the garden.

Bouquet roses: characteristics and growth habit

The term “bed roses” summarizes various roses that can be planted in groups or over a large area. They are characterized by their bushy growth and their low height. On average, they reach heights of around 70 to 120 cm. However, to keep your floribunda in good shape, you should prune them regularly. If this does not happen or only to a small extent, the bed roses hardly differ from small shrub roses. Almost all modern floribunda rose varieties bloom more often and inspire us all summer long with their abundant flowers.

Bouquet rose varieties: the 20 most beautiful varieties for your garden

In the broadest sense, hybrid tea roses with their beautiful, large flowers also count as bed roses – you can find a comprehensive overview of beautiful hybrid tea roses here. Polyantha and Floribunda roses, on the other hand, bloom in clusters, and this group of roses generally offers a wide variety of different flower colors and shapes.

Some floribunda roses are also particularly heat-tolerant, partial shade tolerant, or rainproof. Depending on the variety, they also smell very good or have a long flowering time. If you only have a little space in the garden, it is best to fall back on dwarf roses, which only reach a height of 30 to 50 cm. Or, in this case, you can buy a hybrid tea rose that has been grafted onto a stem, a so-called stem rose.

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The most beautiful varieties of floribunda

Small or large, double or simple flowers in white and pink to a bright dark red – the variety of bed roses makes the hearts of rose lovers beat faster. To make it easier for you to decide with this large selection, we would like to introduce you to some of the most beautiful flowers rose varieties below:

Bouquet rose varieties: the 20 most beautiful varieties for your garden

  • Floribunda rose ‘Bella Rosa’
    Dense, pink flowers with yellow stamens; grows in dense clusters; fragrant; more often blooming; medium green foliage; Growth height of about 50 to 70 cm; good weatherproof
  • Floribunda rose ‘Amber Rose’
    Nostalgic rose with double, amber-yellow flowers; more often blooming; delicate fragrance; grows up to 80 cm high; robust against fungal diseases; tolerates partial shade; winters
  • Floribunda rose ‘Bonica 82’
    Beautiful double flowers in light pink until September; can develop rose hips; lush growth; reaches heights of up to 80 cm; also tolerates partial shade; robust, rainproof, and frost hardy
  • Miniature Rose ‘Clementine’
    Enthusiastic from June to October with double apricot-orange flowers; good shelf life of the flowers; upright bushy growth; also suitable for planting in pots; Winter protection required

Bouquet rose varieties: the 20 most beautiful varieties for your garden

  • Floribunda rose ‘Edelweiss’
    Medium-sized, creamy white flowers in large umbels; outer petals protruding horizontally; delicate fragrance; compact, broad, bushy growth; robust and free-flowering variety
  • Floribunda rose ‘Friesia’
    Dense, medium-sized flowers in golden yellow; pleasant smell; long and profuse flowering; upright growth with many ramifications; becomes about 60 cm high; weatherproof
  • Floribunda Rose ‘Greetings to Aachen’
    First Floribunda Pink; nostalgic variety; double, cream-white flowers with a yellowish-pink center; delicate fragrance; compact, bushy growth; grow up to 90 cm high; hardy
  • Floribunda Rose ‘Greetings to Bavaria’
    Half-double, blood-red flowers with a velvety sheen; the slight scent of wild roses; reaches heights of growth of up to 70 cm; heavily branched; blooming size and very frost hardy

Bouquet rose varieties: the 20 most beautiful varieties for your garden

  • Floribunda rose ‘La Sevillana’
    Half double flowers in bright red with yellow stamens; delicate fragrance; more often blooming; forms orange-colored rose hips; grows up to 80 cm high; good leaf health; heat tolerant
  • Floribunda rose ‘Wonderland’
    Attractive, semi-double, salmon-pink flowers; fragrant; more often blooming; Foliage is initially reddish; reaches heights of growth of 80 to 120 cm; overhanging shoots; can be grown as a shrub rose
  • Floribunda Rose ‘Margaret Merrill’
    Multiple award-winning rose variety; half-double, large flowers in pearly white with a rosy sheen; more often blooming; strong fragrance; becomes about 80 cm high; good leaf health; weatherproof
  • Floribunda rose ‘Montana’
    Robust variety with cup-shaped flowers in bright red; stand in dense umbels; more often blooming; stiff, upright, compact growth; becomes about 50 to 80 cm high; blooming size and frost hardy

Bouquet rose varieties: the 20 most beautiful varieties for your garden

  • Miniature Rose ‘Orange Jewel’
    Salmon orange, densely double flowers in umbels; Flowering time from June to September; dense, compact growth; medium leaf health; long shelf life of the flower
  • Ground cover rose ‘Purple Rain’
    Small, double flowers in an intense purple; light fragrance; more often blooming; easy-care variety; grows flat and wide; good winter hardiness; suitable for extensive plantings
  • Floribunda rose ‘Queen Elizabeth’
    Large-flowered rose; blooms salmon pink, then lightening; pleasant smell; more often blooming; upright, strong growth; can reach heights of 100 to 120 cm; only weakly spiked; medium leaf health
  • Floribunda rose ‘Sarabande’
    Slightly double, geranium-red flowers with golden-yellow stamens; light green foliage; becomes only about 50 cm high; tolerates partial shade; rainproof

Bouquet rose varieties: the 20 most beautiful varieties for your garden

  • Floribunda rose ‘Sirius’
    Blooming floribunda rose with half-double flowers in apricot to creamy white; more often blooming; bushy, upright growth; can also be used as a shrub rose; very good leaf health (ADR rose); hardy
  • Ground cover rose ‘Parasol’
    Double, lemon yellow flowers; delicate fragrance; more often blooming; broad, bushy growth; becomes about 50 to 80 cm high; medium leaf health; suitable for area planting
  • Polyantha Rose ‘Mother’s Day’
    Half-double, bright red flowers; more often blooming; grows widely branched; becomes only about 40 to 50 cm high; robust variety; also suitable for planting in pots
  • Hybrid tea ‘whiskey’
    Double, bronze-yellow flowers with a strong fragrance; blooms well into autumn; bushy growth; fast drifting; reaches heights of growth of up to 90 cm; Frost protection is recommended

Bouquet rose varieties: the 20 most beautiful varieties for your garden

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