Black zebra tomato: everything about care and cultivation

The striped tomato variety is a real eye-catcher in the garden. We reveal the tips and tricks for planting and caring for the black zebra tomato.

Black zebra tomato: everything about care and cultivation

'Black Zebra' is a stake tomato with pretty green and red striped fruits [Photo: ninikas /]

This robust tomato variety not only impresses with its appearance, but also with its taste. In this profile you will find all information about the 'Black Zebra'.

Black Zebra Tomato: Wanted poster

fruit Salad tomato; red-green striped
taste sweet and spicy
Ripening time medium late
growth Stick tomato, up to 180 cm
Location Greenhouse, protected field, pot

Properties and taste of the black zebra tomato

The 'Black Zebra' forms round red-green striped tomatoes with a very firm skin from August onwards. Underneath is dark red to purple, juicy flesh with a sweet, spicy taste. 'Black Zebra' is a solid variety, but sometimes tends to crossbreed with other varieties.
If you want to gain seeds for the next year, you should cultivate this variety a little away from others or seal off the flowers with a bag from foreign pollen.

Black zebra tomato: everything about care and cultivation

The tomato plants can be up to 1.80 meters tall

Our tip : A small-fruited variant is the 'Black Zebra Cherry' variety, which is suitable for both large and small with a sweet tooth with its crunchy, sweet-aromatic taste.

Planting and caring for black zebra tomatoes

The plant of the 'Black Zebra' reaches heights of up to 1.80 meters and is only suitable for outdoor use to a limited extent due to its firm shell, because the fruits burst easily when it rains too much. The 'Black Zebra' is very productive under rain protection. She also feels at home in the greenhouse.
For a good start to summer, plant the 'Black Zebra' in special tomato soil, such as our Plantura organic tomato and vegetable soil, which contains all the nutrients necessary for the young plant. After planting, the black zebra tomato should be propped up or tied up.

After a few weeks, the nutrients in the soil are used up, the plant is in full bloom and has grown considerably larger. Now you should fertilize the 'Black Zebra' in order to be able to harvest a lot of striped fruit. A primarily organic organic fertilizer with long-term effects is suitable for this, such as our Plantura organic tomato fertilizer, because it provides your tomato plants with nutrients of purely vegetable origin in the long term.

When is the black zebra tomato ripe?

The 'Black Zebra' forms many round, green-striped fruits in summer. With increasing ripeness, the fruit turns dark red, although many dark green stripes remain. With a finger test you can also easily determine whether the fruits are ripe. A ripe tomato feels soft to the touch despite the hard skin, and the flesh gives way slightly. Now is the time to harvest the black zebra tomatoes.

Black zebra tomato: everything about care and cultivation

Ripe black zebra tomatoes are juicy and taste sweet and spicy [Photo: goodbishop /]

Harvest and use black zebra tomatoes

The 'Black Zebra' is very cut-resistant and is therefore ideal for salads and fresh as a snack. However, to pickle and preserve the tomatoes, the peel must be removed, which works best with boiling water.

Despite its name, the 'Black Zebra' is more like a dark red to brown-purple tomato. If you are curious about really blue and black tomatoes, we invite you to take a look at our variety article.

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