Baltic Blue vs Cebu Blue

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What are the differences between Baltic Blue vs Cebu Blue? Most people get the two plants confused, and it is easy to see why this happens. There are some ways to differentiate a Baltic Blue vs Cebu Blue pothos.

How to identify the Baltic Blue pothos vs Cebu Blue pothos

The main difference in the pothos plants is their leaf size, texture, and color.

The Baltic Blue and the Cebu Blue pothos have a pointed leaf shape. The two plants can grow to be very large but they are two different plants.

The Baltic Blue leaves are bigger and it has darker leaves than the Cebu Blue pothos plant.

The Cebu Blue leaves have more leaf texture than those of the Baltic Blue pothos.

Baltic Blue vs Cebu Blue pothos

What is a Baltic Blue pathos?

The Baltic Blue pothos is a trailing plant that has dramatic fenestrations (splits).

It also has a different growth pattern than the Cebu Blue pothos.

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What is so special about Cebu Blue pothos?

Cebu Blue pothos have a bumpy texture that is very noticeable. Baltic Blue pothos vs Cebu Blue colors are lighter in color than the Baltic Blue pothos leaves.

Cebu Blue leaves have a silverish sheen and are thinner than the Baltic Blue pathos.

cebu blue leaves

How rare is Baltic Blue pothos?

The Baltic Blue pothos is a new variety that was lab-created and recently introduced.

It is difficult to find the Baltic Blue pothos in some areas, but it is not rare if you look for it.

Does the Baltic Blue Fenestrate?

The Baltic Blue pothos does fenestrate and it begins to do this as young plant. These splits add to the charm of this lovely vine.

baltic blue pothos

How are the Baltic Blue pothos vs Cebu Blue pothos similar?

The Baltic Blue and cebu are from the same family. They need the same care as golden pothos or other houseplants.

Both the baltic pothos vs Cebu Blue pothos plants are low maintenance.

They need indirect bright sunlight, water, and good potting soil.

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How are the Cebu Blue pothos plant and Baltic Blue pothos plant different?

Their foliage is the best way to tell plants apart. The leaf size is different in the plants, but the leaf shape is similar.

The Cebu Blue has a textured, smaller leaf size. Both plants have a blue cast, but Cebu Blue has more of a bluish cast with a silver glow.

Which of the two pothos grows bigger — the Baltic Blue vs Cebu Blue pathos?

These two different pothos varieties can grow to be long vines. The Baltic Blue pothos and the Cebu Blue pothos begin as bushy plants when they are younger.

The Cebu Blue pothos can grow up to 8 feet tall, which makes it taller than the epipremnum pinnatum Baltic Blue.

Baltic Blue vs Cebu Blue differences

Another difference between the two houseplants is that the Cebu Blue pothos grows faster than the Baltic Blue pothos.

The Cebu Blue pothos does not develop fenestrations unless it is allowed to climb upwards and propagate.

baltic blue pothos vs

What kind of sunlight do the Cebu Blue and Baltic Blue require?

The Baltic Blue pothos vs the Cebu Blue do not like direct sunlight. It is best to place the Cebu Blue pothos and the Baltic Blue pothos several feet back from a window.

Baltic Bluevs Cebu Bluehave the same requirement of strong indirect sunlight and do not like bright light.

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Can I use artificial light on the Baltic Blue and Cebu Blue?

Yes, you can supplement bright indirect light with artificial light like a grow light or other lights for the two plants.

Making sure that your pothos plants get adequate light is more important than the type of light they get.

Additional indirect bright light will inspire growth in your plants.

How often should I water my pothos plants?

The pothos plant prefers well-draining soil. The Baltic Blue pothos plant and the cebu blue pothos plant should be watered about one time per week.

Check the potting mix first to make sure that the top few inches of soil are dry before watering. Correct soil moisture is important to avoid root rot.

cebu blue

Where does the Cebu Blue pothos plant originate?

The epipremnum pinnatum Cebu Blue was first found on the Cebu Island in the Philippines. It thrives in warm temperatures.

What are the requirements for humidity in the baltic pothos vs Cebu Blue?

Both plants need high humidity to develop new leaves and for optimal growth.

Should I put them in a room with a humidifier?

Both pothos plants do well in rooms without additional humidity unless you live in a very dry environment. If so, a humidifier will help your closely related pothos plants to thrive.

Which blue pothos should I bring into my indoor garden?

Each pothos plant is unique and adds beauty to your indoor garden. The Baltic Blue leaves are large and fenestrated. Their leaf texture is smooth and the pipiremnum pinnatum Baltic Blue has deep green leaves.

The Cebu Blue’s leaves are lighter and have a silver sheen that makes them very beautiful.

The leaf texture is a matter of which plant you like best, so the decision is up to you to pick the Baltic Blue vs cebu.

baltic blue pothos and cebu blue pothos

Fertilizing the Baltic Blue and Cebu Blue pothos

Both the Baltic Blue and Cebu Blue can be fertilized 1 to 2 times per year.

The young plants grow with or without fertilizer, but if you want faster growth, fertilizer will help.

You can apply more fertilizer a few more times during the year to stimulate the Baltic Blue pathos and Cebu Blue pathos to grow faster.

It is important to follow the directions on the bottle of fertilizer.

Should I prune my Baltic Blue vs Cebu Blue pothos?

It is not necessary to trim the leaves or stems in the Baltic Blue pothos or the Cebu Blue pothos.

You might want to pinch off new growth in the Cebu Blue pothos plant and Baltic Blue pothos to encourage bushier growth instead of vertical growth.

To encourage vertical growth, simply allow the blue pothos vs cebu plant to grow on its own. Vertical climbing will happen with or without pruning.


Whether you have the Baltic Blue vs Cebu Blue pothos, they are definitely different plants. The leaf shape is similar except that the cebu does not always fenestrate.

Besides having pointed leaves, the Cebu Blue has a silverish sheen. The rich green leaves of the Baltic Blue pothos fit into any decor.

The two pothos varieties are versatile and can be placed on a table or in a hanging basket.

A larger plant can sit on the floor climbing up a pole.

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