12 Birth Flowers, Symbolism And Their Meaning

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Flowers symbolize a different meaning for each birth month. Which flowers are suitable for January-born, which for June-born? You’ll find out in a moment in our article about birth flowers. Discover the meaning of birth flowers and which flower, for which birth month, has a unique symbolic power. Since the birth months are in the 4 seasons, we will differentiate between winter-born, spring-born, summer-born, and autumn-born.

It is interesting to note that flowers that are coordinated with the month of birth cause great joy in the recipients. This is because these flowers radiate special magic, which corresponds exactly to the nature of the birth months. Appropriate for the birthday can be given birth flowers that exactly match the month of birth or even the zodiac sign of the people. The type of flower and the color of the flowers also play a role.

Birth flowers of the winter born

Winter-born are usually less sensitive to cold than summer-born because they were already accustomed to the cold months as babies. Winterborns are said to have the following characteristics: they are more grounded and not as volatile as children born in the summer. They are a little more subdued in disposition, i.e. less spirited and hearty, than those born in the summer. This is also reflected in the flowers. The birth flowers of the birth months, December, January, and February, are violet, carnation, and poinsettia. Zodiac signs of those born in winter are Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

December Birth Flower: December – Poinsettia

The birth flower of the December born is the poinsettia. This flower for the birth month of December is also called the Love Star. Appropriately, the poinsettia matches the characteristics of the December-born, because these people are ambitious and eager to celebrate. Therefore, the poinsettia, gladly presented at company anniversaries and other celebrations that represent success.

The birth flower poinsettia is also often given as a gift for the good cooperation, to show how much the person who receives this unique flower is appreciated. Zodiac sign Sagittarius, which is born in December, and zodiac sign Capricorn, which is also born in December, are happy to receive these flowers for their birthdays. A birth flower is also wonderfully received for birth, as it is specially chosen for the month of birth. It is also associated with the qualities attributed to these people in astrology.

December - Poinsettia

January birth flower: Carnation

Carnation is the flower of the gods and is the symbol of loving romance. January natives, like Capricorns, who are very emotional, or Aquarians, who have their birth month in January, love emotional moments. Carnation represents great feelings and that is why it is the flower of the gods. The birth flower of those born in January shines in many, wonderfully strong colors and shapes, and is a good choice for many occasions when you want to give flowers as a gift.


February Birth Flower: Violet

Aquarius and Pisces are born in February and they are said to have the qualities of loyalty and mindfulness. Beautiful is the violet, which is a symbol of virtue and values, and for this very reason is given as a birth flower for February-born. Aquarius loves the color blue, purple, and yellow, and all these colors are found in the violet. Pisces is very sensitive and loves just, for this reason, the delicate little flower. The beautiful birth flowers enchant February-born and can make a birthday perfect when given the flowers as a gift.


Flowers for spring birthday children

Spring children are very lively and cheerful, this is due to the spring months, which represent the awakening of nature, blooming, growing, and thriving. That is why the flowers of the spring-born, are also in the spring colors of yellow and white. Spring-born includes the zodiac signs of Pisces, Aries, and Taurus. You should give these flowers to March-born, April-born, and people who came into the world in the birth month of May. To send the appropriate flower greetings to spring-born, daffodil, daisies, and lily of the valley should play a role.

March birth flower: Tulips

March births are bold and came into the world when everything in the garden began to bloom. The new beginning of flowers is reflected in the tulip, which is also often called daffodil. March marks the birth of the zodiac signs of Pisces and Aries, who love these bright yellow daffodils. Bright as spring, tulips are the ideal birth flowers for March. They can be given to the birth of a March baby to symbolize the qualities that the child is said to have.


April birth flower: Daisy

The little daisy symbolizes happiness and joy and is the birth flower of April’s births. The cuddly daisy grows in the meadows and exudes a simplicity that impresses. Since April-borns are already happy about small things, the daisy is the birth flower for April-borns. Aries born in April are persistent, like the cheeky daisy that spreads in the meadows. The Taurus born in April is persistent, loyal, and sensual. That is, the down-to-earth Taurus loves the simplicity of this little flower, and the Aries is impressed by the strong growth of the little flower. With the daisy as a birth flower, you make the right choice if you want to give flowers as a gift or send them as an asset.


May birth flower: May – Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is, of course, the flowers for the birth month of May. These flowers smell wonderful and exude purity and beauty. Like the May-born, who are honest and cheerful, so is the Lily of the Valley, a strong little plant that holds its own in the forest, conjuring lightness with the bells. May is the birth month of the zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini. The birth flowers for these zodiac signs also symbolize the resilience of Taurus and the lightness of Gemini. The bells of the lily of the valley swing carefree and cheerful, just as the May twins go through life carefree.

Lily of the Valley

Birth flowers of the summer-born

The months with the highest birth rates in Germany are July, August, and September. Babies born in summer are often healthier, scientists claim. This is mainly due to vitamin D and sunlight, which summer-born babies get more of. Zodiac signs that belong to the summer-born are Gemini, Cancer, and Leo. Birth flowers for June is rose, the birthday flower for July is delphinium, and for August the birth flower gladiolus is given away. Children born in summer carry a piece of sun in their hearts, they say. That is why as a gift you will receive the birth flowers, which are in full bloom in the summer.

June birth flower: June – Rose

Roses have very, much symbolic power. Depending on the color of the rose, they have a different meaning. Just like the bubbly, cheerful twins born in June, the June birth flower, is a bright beauty that brings joy to ALL. When it comes to flowers, June creepers especially love the soft tones, like pink and purple, and are enamored with spray roses. Give birth flowers for June-born, so the character traits, the versatile Gemini, are also shown in the bouquet of June-born. A beautiful, colorful bouquet of roses is always well received for the birthday of the June-born because twins love it colorful.

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June - Rose

July Birth Flower: July – Hydrangea

Lightness, open-heartedness, and cheerfulness symbolize the hydrangea. The different, unusual shades of hydrangeas, melt the hearts of those born in July. Since the zodiac sign Cancer is born in July, and these zodiac signs are very protective and domestic, Cancers, your birth flower hydrangeas especially, will love. Lions, born in July, is also impressed by the strong, proud flower. Give and send a bouquet of hydrangeas, if you are looking for a suitable gift for July-born, then they are guaranteed to hit the bull’s eye with the flowers.

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August birth flower: Lilies

The proud Leo is born in August and is a pleasant person and doer. The birth flower for August-borns is the lily, which like the lion, carries a veritable kingdom of blossoms on its strong flower stem. It brims with power and fascinating beauty; this impresses the Leo born in August. The Virgo zodiac sign also begins in August, and the ambitious Virgos who like everything to be in order will like the lilies with their strung flower stalk. August Virgos are proud, straightforward, and strong-willed. Therefore, the straightforwardness of the steadfast lilies perfectly suits these August natives.

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Flowers for autumn birthday girls

Autumn is the season that signifies colorful foliage and the change of seasons, towards winter. But the fall season also brings a glorious Indian summer, offering the last, warm, sunny days. Zodiac signs in autumn are Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. And all will like asters, chrysanthemums, and marigolds because these flowers have for autumn-born, symbolic power.

What flower symbolizes the birth month of September, what flowers are suitable for October-born, and what are the colors of the flower of October-born? The birth flowers of each birth month symbolize a certain meaning, which exactly fits the character, of the birthday children. Give the appropriate birth flower for the birth of autumn babies, then they will impress the parents of the baby.

September birth flower: September – Gerbera

A bouquet of gerberas symbolizes respect and esteem. These birth flowers are the symbol of appreciation, and this flower represents wisdom and confidence, just like the characteristics of people born in this month. Libra and Virgo are born in September, and the grounded Virgos and balanced Libra are happy to see Gerbera, as it is considered a birth flower for September-born people. The variety of colors and also the different beautiful flowers are a wonderful idea to give great joy to September-born.

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October Birth Flower: October – Calendula

Marigold is the birth flower of the October-born. Zodiac sign Libra, which has a birthday in October, loves the marigold because of its healing effect and its bright color. Calendula represents warmth and compassion, as the sensitive Libra also. Scorpios born in October love spiritual and mysterious, so for this birth month, marigold with its magic power as a healing plant is a successful surprise in the birthday bouquet. Whether for birth in October or a birthday, the marigold enchants all, with its warm, vibrant color.


November birth flower: November – Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are the birth flowers of November births. The gray month of November can use a little color, and so can the November-born. Since chrysanthemums represent honesty and friendship, these are the appropriate flowers for Scorpios born in November. Likewise, November is the birth month for the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Fiery Sagittarians are known for deep friendships, for being direct, and for enjoying joyful experiences. Enchanting chrysanthemums are a great way to make November’s zodiac signs shine. Give chrysanthemums as a gift for a November-born person’s birthday, and you’ve made a perfect choice.

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If you give flowers that exactly match people’s birth months, then you are making exactly the right flower choice. The month of birth is associated with a particular season and a particular sign of the zodiac. Send flowers that have a special effect on each birth month zodiac sign, are a great idea to score full points with the appropriate flower color, or flower variety. Since the birth month, symbolizes some characteristics, and the birth flower this tells, the month flowers are guaranteed, especially appreciated.

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